Consistent Doesn’t Mean Casual

Great feedback and comments on yesterday’s post on being consistent. But a couple comments gave me cause for concern…

The point I wanted to make was that you can’t stop and start in the business and expect your network to grow.  It won’t.  You have to consistently work ten to 15 hours a week until you’ve built the foundation and have true duplication happening.

Please don’t confuse part-time or being consistent with being casual or “slow wins the race.”  Even though you do the business part-time, you have to do it with passion, intensity and urgency.   That is what drives growth.

So how are you on this?


7 thoughts on “Consistent Doesn’t Mean Casual

  1. You’re right on Randy. One must committ to at least 10 hrs per week and set a goal to show the opportunity to at least 2 people per week. Know your ratios and work with passion. JL

  2. Thanks for this post and I will tell you exactly where I am: I am sucking wind in this part because I was using a system that was not working for me or my team. We were not in living rooms showing the plan 15 hours a week, we were dragging people across town to have ‘others’ show the plan for us and NOT having any volume. So I am bringing my top 5 leaders to my home tomorrow afternoon so that I can teach them what I have learned from you and Eric Worre about building a business. I refuse to not be successful and rich in network marketing!!

  3. Agree. Just because some of us do this part time, doesn’t mean its some time. Two hours a day, everyday day, will accomplish more than 8 hrs a day, one day a week.

    Focus! It is a business.

  4. Randy,

    I SO AGREE! I think taking it slow is just another excuse. Sabotaging oneself to not take action NOW! Without consistent action, you do not have success!


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