Are You Willing to Change?

A frequent question I get is what does it really take to be successful in MLM?  A good question and a lot of possible answers…

So this will be a continuing series as we look at some of the requirements to really excel in our business.  Let’s start with number one…

Be Willing to Change.

The reason you are exactly where you’re at, is who you are.  And to get somewhere else, you have to become someone else.

That means you have to be willing to change and grow.  Your group – and your income – will only grow as fast as you do.

So be willing to think differently, try new things and develop new skills.  Change you and you’ll change your results.


5 thoughts on “Are You Willing to Change?

  1. 100% agree Randy. If you want to get to a different place you need to buy a different ticket.

    If every year you buy an airplane ticket for China when you actually want to go to Spain you are going to get to China!

    In order to get to Spain you will have to see that the price will be different, the cashier will be different, the airplane will change too but it is going to bring you to Spain which is were you want to go!

    Now, your ticket might not be straight to Spain so, make sure you do not go out in the transit places, this airplane is going to bring you to Spain, don’t go out until you get there.

    Well, that was a self talk, LOL.

  2. Change is constant in our universe. Nothing stays the same, not even for a second. That includes us. We are either getting better or getting worse.
    I choose the first option…

    Thanx Randy

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