The Lesson for You…

So I got an email Monday from a new teammate of mine.  And he mentioned that he wanted to talk to me about “that prosperity stuff” because he is out of work and is running down his savings.  And of course I had an opportunity meeting last night, which of course I immediately invited him to.

He wrote back to say he couldn’t come, because he pays pool on Tuesday nights.  There’s a lesson here for all of us!


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  1. Like the one I called yesterday who said she can’t afford the products because her husband has no job, who incidentally answered the phone. I said there is an income opportunity with the products. She said “I’m not selling nothing.” She did not even ask her husband. I think she is selling, but it is not serving either one of them. All about priorities and fears.

    1. I think we all were in situations in our lives not having money to buy or invest in something we wanted and that’s okay. I think as long as we have our credibility we will find ways to get the money it takes.

    2. As was mentioned, we do not know what his financial situation is; but one thing is clear; with the unemployment rate as high as it is, his savings may not last long, even if he is getting unemployment insurance payments; I would have thought that if this was me, that giving up one night to “possibly” change my overall financial situation, would be more important than trying to put the “seven ball” in the side pocket; perhaps his pool playing friends can take up a collection and help with the expenses.

    1. Yes Max – WOW is the only word I think one can use here.

      This is a Generic medium though – so we all need to follow the rules & not post URL’s that take people to other opportunity pages, we all have team members that read these pages that we don’t want getting distracted. Thanks

  2. So true Laurynas L, a typical person letting their fears run their life. Afraid of success so they don’t try and then they can say that they never failed! 🙂

    Where are the priorities? He’d rather play pool than attend something to better himself? If he wants to be successful he better get his priorities straight and do the things that will bring him closer to success, not further away.

  3. Those types of people you can only feel sorry for Randy. I had a prospect that I gave a video to that I pinned a time down for him to watch. And when I followed up, he would come up with every excuse in the book, ie “I had to rake the yard, I’ve been to busy, I had to paint the back door.” Now I remind you this person is on unemployment that’s getting ready to run out. He came to me asking me about my business. And he couldn’t find 30 minutes to watch a video. Hmmmmm??? So I did the take away on him and got the video back, and told him this isn’t for you.

    Like Jim Rohn once said, “When you sow the seed, the birds will get some.”

  4. Do you want to play pool or do you want prosperity and play as much pool as you can when you are prosperous? would be my question.

  5. There are some people who after showing them where the gold is, handing them a shovel, will lay the shovel down and ask where the TV remote is.

    Nathan Ricks talks about how the prospect / candidate must be at 12 o’clock before they engage. When we understand that they won’t engage until the timing is right and we’re merely looking for people who are ready, able and willing to do what we do, the concept of this business becomes very simple.

    I appreciate you RG.

  6. Easy to come to an quick and abrupt judgment, in situation like this one. Off course it ‘s a choice and given the opportunity to meet Randy in person, for me there isn’t much I wouldn’t do.
    Then again it’s a matter of perception when someone is trapped by financial discomfort, the first reaction is understandable ” I can’t afford” and off course it comes from a place of lack. Given the opportunity one might change his/her views. Criticized one is compelled to affirm one self in that position.
    I always give it a chance, an opportunity to look at it in a different way. Quickly dismissing someone is also an attitude of lack and possibly an attitude of low self estime. I remember being there myself, I was given the chance, I learned and here I am.

  7. Wow! Talk about not having your priorities set right! Laurynas L said it right, this guy sounds like a typical person, you know…one of those 95%’ers. Did you ask him how playing pool was going to help him get out of his current situation?

    I know it’s the truth but I still find it humorous that so many people are so afraid to fail that they’d rather just not try. Then at least they can say they didn’t fail or they can blame it on the company, their rep or whoever else that happens to be standing near them and is convenient.
    Thanks Randy

  8. Wow.

    Hello, McFly! Anyone home?

    Now, here’s what makes the difference between the pros and the novices. If someone said this to you, will you move on or will you spend the next 4 weeks “working” on him?

    1. You want to move on! there are to many people looking right now for a Plan “B”. Don’t wast your time on some one who is not serious enough.

  9. The more reason to see our prospecting activities as a “sorting” process. Like you mentioned over and over again: “NWM is right for everybody, but not everybody is right for NWM”. We feel sorry for the people telling us their story of misery, but when you offer them a solution, the objections they come up with are the living proof that a) the situation they’re in seems not to be that bad at all and/or b) they created their miserable situation themselves.

  10. Yes, I know this reaction of a lot of people I invited to have a look at the opportunity and products. Not ime, even when they don’t have a job! No money, because they do have a job but not enough paid or do not have a job at all. Should be reason enough to have a look, in my opinion.
    Well, You can’t change people or their opinion, you can only change your self and/or your own opinion and attitude.

  11. It’s unfortunate to choose playing pool over the possibility to get ahead in live specially if someone has financial problems. My slogan is in those situations:”Give up something good for something better” and if he or she doesn’t see that yet they don’t hurt enough. It goes right back to your “why” in life. If your why is not strong enough it will always be the runner up as in this case. His why to change or looking for a better future wasn’t strong enough, that’s why he went to play pool. BAD CHOICE!!!

  12. I see this is a new teammate of yours.

    People DO what’s important to them.

    So right now, playing pool is more important to him than developing his business and prosperity skills. That’s his choice. He might change that priority ranking someday. And it will be HIS decision to do so, when it happens.

  13. At first view, I see a corporate guy wondering what the world of mlm is like. He thinks its beneath him, acts defensive but he needs the money. However, on the flip side when someone reacts to me like that, I ask myself what about my presentation made him react like that. Maybe I was too flip? Did I read this guy right? Did I ask enough questions? I think what hes really telling us is that hes afraid and doesn’t quite know what to do. He may stay in denial for awhile before he hits bottom.

  14. I find it interesting the work ethic of the average American…. well I guess maybe the not so average American. Most people I meet are not willing to put forth the effort to make themselves a better life even if it only takes a few years to get it off the ground and get it going.

    I gave a presentation to a lady who just like this gentlemen is out of of job and her savings is dwindling down at a fast pace. I showed the lucrative numbers, etc… and explained the work involved over a short few years. She went home and emailed 10 people and called me back in a week and said no one was interested so she was not going to sign up.


  15. So Randy… The guy said he wanted to “Talk” to you about “that prosperity stuff.”

    Did you call him or just send him an e-mail?

  16. Thanks for this “lesson” Randy; it is a clear-cut case of “scrambled priorities” at work in the life…

  17. Randy, I think the guy has totally lost on the sense of urgency. He can’t set his priorities right. Theses type of people, are like a fart in the wind, they will linger on for a while & then they are gone. Its a waste of our time to even think about them.

  18. Everyone is where they are. Pool may be one of the only things and ways for that person to socialize that makes him feel good. The fact that he approached you and wanted to learn more is a wonderful step on his behalf. I hope he continues to grow from here…Thanks Randy, your teachings have helped shape a more prosperous life for me and now I endeavor to pay it forward everyday.

  19. This is an interesting thread Randy, thanks for sharing it with us.

    I will share my thoughts as a somewhat inexperienced Network Marketer and
    I am really looking forward to learning your perspective on the lesson we can all learn here.

    First off I think it is great that he reached out to you and asked for more info on prosperity. I wish more people would take this initiative.

    Secondly, he didn’t say he was broke like many posters assumed. He said his savings was dwindling. I think it is important to note that he is unemployed and still has savings. In an economy where millions are living pay check to pay check, I’d say this is an important piece of information. I wonder if his dwindling savings is $3,000.00 or $300,000.00… We may never know!

    In my opinion you missed a solid opportunity with this prospect by not picking up the phone and calling him. So much about this person remains a mystery that all anyone can do is speculate. Sometimes we are guilty of prejudging people before we have any facts. Perhaps he has to be at pool, maybe he runs the local pool league and has hundreds of people counting on him.

    You need to pick up the phone and call this guy and start building the relationship, especially if he is a new team mate of yours. You can’t even ask him for a referral at this stage of the game.

    Anyway, maybe I’m way out in left field here…
    But I’ve always been a left fielder. 🙂

  20. I agree with you Cliff, he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet, because the pain of changing and stretching outside his comfort zone is still greater than being out of work and running out of money.

    Sadly, his view on “prosperity stuff’ has put him in this position and it will continue to keep him there until he experiences enough pain for him to change his mindset and his strategy.

    You become who you spend time with and what you read. Hanging out at the pool parlor is probably not the right mastermind group 😛

    Keep in mind.. “You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person, and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.”

  21. The lesson here is simple –

    If you want to change you have to change what you’re doing. If you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results.

    It takes sacrifice and discipline – but well worth it down the road.

  22. Some people are looking for a handout and others for a hand up. It is too easy wasting hours of the day on ‘nice’ people looking for a handout.

    In a world with hundreds of thousands of prospects take on the ones who are ready for a hand up.

  23. Greetings Randy,

    This is an unfortunate reality which happens all to often.

    Not for us in the industry because we have learned there is a way out of the routine followed by the masses.

    We do however need to identify with them and work to create value for them to see where they are and the need for them to enhance the way they think.

    The true reality is to create the value enough to have them choose to be willing to learn.

    I can get anyone to do anything They choose to do.

    Asking the right questions, which we already have the answers to, is a great way to lead them to go where we know they should go.

    In the book written by Jeff Olson “The Slight Edge” Mr Olson points out that all things in life are easy to do…. unfortunately it is easier NOT to. This is where most people find themselves.

    It would have been easy for the individual you spoke about in your story to simply see he had a possible solution to his current financial plight and join you at the meeting. However it was easier for him to do what he has always been doing and go bowling.

    Although he reached out to you to seek information about That Prosperity Stuff, he at this point does not have a belief it is possible for him.

    Most tend to just do what they are comfortable doing.

    People have the tendency to view those of us that have become successful and say to themselves (convincingly) I can never do what you do or have what you have.
    If they would at least seek out and learn how those of us that have become successful did it, they would no doubt find the reality, WE were just as lost as they are now when we started.

    We just cultivated a desire to change, learn and develop the skills necessary to create success.

    It is my hope for this individual to get back with you and really learn how this industry can help him now and for the future.

    In any case the lesson for us is to constanly work on ourselves to be more effective in creating the value for others to seek the right answers to their questions and create their own solutions.

    Be Blessed,


  24. People are going to do what they deep down in their heart of hearts REALLY want to do. I sponsored someone recently who I invited to listen in on a NEW Consultant Training call. She was in church all night so she could not get on the call. What??? Yet she always has questions for me about the business! She could of carried her cell to church and went into the restroom to listen to the call in a stall if she REALLY wanted the training! She could of found some private space somewhere while still being within earshot of the service and got her training. If there’s a WILL, there’s ALWAYS a way if you want one! A Hostess who booked a home party last week Thursday JUST got her Guest List to me this past Monday afternoon for a party to be held THIS coming Saturday! I had to contact her THREE times to get the list-does it sound like she REALLY wants to host this party to you? If a Hostess can’t do a simple thing like get you a Guest List when you ask them, do you keep that party on your calendar? No. You cancel her and move on to someone that will! Do you re-book her for another date? Maybe you do and maybe you don’t. It’s NOT our job as business people to be emotionally involved with the personal lives of our clients, hosts, and successline. We’ve got our own to deal with! DHH.

    1. I disagree on that last point. This is high tech high touch business. Slowly we Get closer to our customers and downline. I do understand however that you don’t make it YOUR problem. It’s their responsibility to get their and mindset priorities straight to proserity.

  25. Hi Randy,

    I am Paola Martinet from BOLIVIA, I was yesterday in the event here in La Paz with Yair Bar Lev, I’m 100% and already on the Diamond Run. Yair said something that is really true…”.IF YOU GOT A FINANCIAL PROBLEM AND YOU SAID XXXX IS NOT FOR YOU, PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOUR PLAN IS, AND MAYBE WE WILL JOIN YOU”…
    I’m convinced this is only a problem of Attitude!!!, I learned in XXXXX that for having success and the life we want in order to see our dreams come true, we have to WORK HARD and have the encourage to get out of our comfortable boxes….We are giving our guests and team the best opportunity of their lives, it is our gift, so they have to decide to take it or leave it. It is a matter of decision, you take it or not!!!
    We have to be leaders, we have to transmit our positive energy to the world, on the other hand, as somebody already said: Would you still working and putting you energy on her?…
    My best regards from Bolivia!!!!

    1. Paolo I we love your passion but we had to edit out a lot because you mentioned your company about five times! Please keep this forum generic and professional for all. Thanks, RG

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  26. There are so many people who will tell you that they want to know something and will turn you down in the last minute. It is just an excuse and there is no point to spent any time and effort to the the person like that. It is his own life and if he wants to change anything he will. If he doesn´t nobody will be able to do it for him.

  27. Hi Randy,
    I read all the comments and assumptions on why the teammate chose pool over attending the opportunity meening. We will never know the real reason. I would suggest to move on. One thing we do know is that the window is not open at this time.


  28. Hey Randy Gage.
    May be that this person made excuse.
    The system of Attraction Marketing, which
    we learned fromAnn Sieeg is like this:
    We don’t have to try to convince any lead,
    to joint to ower organization, and not to
    persuade any prospect. we can make Attractive
    Marketing, and many people will come to us.
    There is some methodes to get to this situation,
    one of them is to give away for free valuable contents,
    to help other people to solve ther problem,
    which present us as specialists and leaders.

  29. He wrote back to say he couldn’t come, because he pays pool on Tuesday nights. There’s a lesson here for all of us!
    Can he skip pool for one night?

  30. What is WRONG with people?? We’ve all run into this situation. Jim Rohn has included this in his talk about sowing seeds. There are just going to be people that will always find somethng else to do because it is too painful or too much work to do what they know they need to do! When this happens to me, I just say — NEXT! Randy, if your friend is broke, how does he pay for his pool?


  31. That used to be me, until I finally woke up. That ‘Ah ha’ moment was when I realized I was about to lose everything I had, and it was no ones fault but mine.

  32. Craig’s comment stood out for me and he is so to the point:

    “Now, here’s what makes the difference between the pros and the novices. If someone said this to you, will you move on or will you spend the next 4 weeks “working” on him?”

    So often, this kind of thing knocks a new team member out of the business. It is unfortunate but they become another statistic. It’s easy to get sucked into asking the why’s but I’m not going to take that class.

    Such a short but powerful point you make, Randy!

  33. I agree with many of the above statements about moving on and working with the ‘next’ person.

    It is very draining, emotionally & physically, to try to convince someone that they need this and many of us have learned this the hard way. I know I have!

    I know I’ve wasted too much time with people who don’t have the motivation to make the decision to take charge of their own lives.

    You can provide all the value in the world, but if someone doesn’t have the motivation to choose a better life for themselves, there isn’t anything you can do until they do.

  34. IF you think about his logically; Somebody has to deliver our pizza. There has to be people to drive us in the limos to our jets. We have to have people to do the landscaping, etc,etc. (Although, I’m not so sure I would want that guy driving us.).

    Seriously though, This guy at some point will have enough pain inflicted to want change. He just hasn’t had his electricity cut off enough times…..yet.
    Remember people do things for only 2 reasons; To move towards pleasure or away from pain.

    Keep Going

  35. Hmmm…

    Shows commitment to prior engagement,. So what that tells me this guy has integrity. Then it was a matter a picking up the phone to build a relationship, find out what he is all about. Then make a decision based on your conversation.

    As the saying goes…You can’t judge a book by its cover.

    I really enjoyed all the comments.

  36. It is important to realize that different people will react in different ways to the same suggestion. This is because they have different subconscious conditioning or beliefs. God will help them.

  37. That was sad. Pool will be there forever, he would have plenty of time after he build his business and have residual income. People rationalized their way of thinking in the wrong things. The are waiting for hope instead of taking a stand to change their situation.

  38. Randy, I admire how you can write so succintly and send such a powerful message across. Thanks for the insightful message.

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