Nurturing Leaders

Wow, what an amazing response to the last post! Thank you all for spreading the word on that message and I hope you continue to do so.   And since that message set the world’s record for the longest blog post, I’ll be brief today.  The message is about developing leaders.

We sometimes help our people too much, doing things for them that they should be doing themselves.  That actually hurts them.  Here’s your mantra for the week:

Only do what only you can do.


6 thoughts on “Nurturing Leaders

  1. Hi Randy and I agree with Lisa. Do not worry about how long your posts are just keep them coming because they really do get you thinking and pump you up.

    I have taken your last post and saved it so I can re-read it every time I turn on my computer. It’s like I tell my wife – there is no turning back. Jobs are disappearing like I have never seen before and everyone knows that they are not coming back.

    The best thing that anyone can do right now is get into a good network marketing company and start building their Plan B for the future.

    God bless you Randy and keep those posts coming.

  2. I fully agree on that, though, With all respect Randy, I´d rephrase the mantra to “Only do what you MUST do”, because you get to spoil people just by doin all you CAN.

  3. Randy, talk about a viral post.
    I received your last post many times, from sponsorship line – upline, sideline, inline, outline, leftline, rightline, diagonalline…… 🙂 and even from people not even in the business
    Wow, you really struck a chord.
    Thanks for your passion.

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