Where You Get Your Advice

If you want to lean how to climb mountains, wouldn’t you ask advice from a mountain climber?  Would you try to learn violin form someone that couldn’t play?  So why do people join network marketing and get advice from their brother-in-law, neighbor or pub buddy?

If you want to succeed in our business, you have to get counseling from someone that has done it successfully.

I remember flying to San Francisco for a wealth-building summit.  They had stock market analysts, currency traders, people recommending natural gas investments, penny stock traders, real estate investors, etc, etc.  After two days in the workshop, I realized none of the “experts” made as much money as I did.  So I left, even though I have paid several thousand dollars to attend and there were two days left.

If I had to isolate one thing that really allowed me to break through to success, it was this: Don’t take financial advice from broke people!


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  1. My breakthrough came through Bob Samara’s “IMAGE” program.
    I went from a 20 year struggle, to a downline of 3,000 in two years.
    It was all about mindset.
    I’ll email you my “affirmations” if you’ll send me a request.

    1. Hi Bob,
      I’m writing you a little bit late – but just came across your posting in a search for information about Bob Samara. I just started working for a Network Marketing company and am realizing pretty quickly that I need to work on personal development. I’d really appreciate the affirmations if you don’t mind sharing them. Thank you, Wendy wendylyon@me.com

    2. Love to have the affirmations as well but would love to find out more about how to get in touch with Bob Samara or when his next class is. I have heard alot and am ready to shift paradigms and BE the Powerful person I know I am. Thanks for replying.

  2. Exactly, Randy! Before I didn’t understand this basic knowledge, I got advices from everyone. Poor me! But now, I am sure that I am an expert of getting or looking for advices. It thanks to network marketing!

  3. It seems that many times, people have this idea that that’s how they get their self-worth.. by what others think.

    The way I’ve been taught (thankfully by people far richer than I at this point) is that this is a form of distorted ego.

    People look to their identity to make a decision, and this case, sadly, people seek their decision from their broke uncle joe, or work buddies who save their money for a night at the bar, or anyone else for that matter… because it’s where they rest their identity..

    I don’t think it’s an excuse, but rather an explanation.

  4. The first two days, the first two weeks and the first two months, don’t assume the baby knows how to feed itself. You need to nurture. Women know this. Men take a breath, smile, put a mark on the wall and move to the next task. No wonder people drop off. The low producers call it babysitting. The builders call it systemizing people and the group for growth.

  5. Randy you hit the nail right on the head. So many times as “new” distributors enroll folks in their “excited early days” they feel like they have to be the leader, the coach and the go to person for their new people. If they are a total newbie in our industry they should check their ego at the door and make sure to use 3-way calls and put contact info is in hand to his or her up line making at least $100,000 a year to get the experienced advise to the newbie rep.

    Thank you for everything you do.


    1. Hey Daniel – you are so right. So many people get involved & want to re-create the system thinking they know better what will work. When their upline really know what will work & they just need to get their people to follow it.

  6. Randy, as usual, it really is a very simple idea. We tend to search and search for advice that is intense and challenging. It’s common sense really. Thank you for reminding us!

  7. That’s why I enjoy getting my advice/tips from you Randy. You are outgoing like me and I enjoy my cars and having fun too. This business should be about having fun. And learning from those like you and teaching others that this business can be fun.

    I also enjoy learning from Big Al. I just recently attended one of his works shops. It was fun and very informative at the same time. He is really fun and outgoing also. His training was on The Magic Sequence of Words, “How to Manipulate & Control the Minds of Others….For Fun and Profit” It was simple words that we can use. everyday, to get your prospects immediate attention. Without being salesy. Highly recommended training!!!!

  8. Spot on. In my “previous life” in the corporate world, I had a strict chain of command policy and expected everybody to follow.

    As a newbie in Network Marketing, I brought this philosophy with me and failed miserably. My turning point was the day I learned to swallow my pride and get my upline involved in both recruiting and training. Not only did my attrition rate decrease dramatically, but we brought more quality people onto the team and best of all, I was learning too!

  9. LOL!!!

    Well I can’t agree any less, if you want to succeed in our business, then connect with the very best and get to understand how they do it. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel.

    Ride on Randy, you are doing great.

  10. Randy,

    I am really enjoying your emails and blog. Very insightful and helpful. This post is so true. Many people are “posing” to be successful and they really aren’t. Especially on the net.


  11. Hello Randy! Good day!

    Your last post seems to me so obvious, that’s why I’m sticking to the system and of course will never take advices from broke people!
    See you soon again in San Francisco.
    Ana-María and I will be very heedful of meeting you again in the elevator… 🙂
    Ralfito from Colombia

  12. Wow, Randy, that’s awesome. I actually wrote a post on that exact same subject a couple of weeks ago. In our business, we are constantly getting told, “that doesn’t work”, “that is a scam”, all by people who don’t really know. All by people who have never done it, maybe even never tried it! Great post, thanks.

  13. Randy, I couldn’t agree with you more. My breakthrough came several weeks ago and it hit me like a brick. I’d spent 11 yrs of my life getting advice from someone who had no desire to earn or do anymore than when I first met them. I’d been carry them up the mountain all the time. They’d become so comfortable with the ride, when I told them I was leaving, they were in a state of shock!

    Thanks for this powerful lesson!

  14. A “wealth-building summit” my …, but I’m sure someone made a lot of money out of it though, so they didn’t really lie after all. 🙂

    And don’t forget that ultimately, you are your own best teacher!

  15. So true…. Don’t you think that this is why is important to surround yourself with people who are doing more than you? Because it’s natural to ask your friends for advice and for what they think…and so, if you are getting advice from friends who are doing more than you, the chances of it being good or life changing are going to be much better than if it came from the friends who aren’t doing much.

    Good stuff Randy! Thanks

  16. The trouble with advice and even counseling is everyone bases their advice on their experience and their point of view. While it is wise to seek counsel from someone who has done the journey there are maps that may prove as useful. Success leaves clues. Og Mandino wrote, “Experience is comparable to fashion; an action that proved successful today will be unworkable and impractical tomorrow.”

    In the spring of 1988 after two years of struggling with a disease of unknown cause and no known cure my doctor told me I had a 99% chance to live 5 more years given my current circumstances. What I heard was if I did it his way I was going to be dead in five years. I spent six months of digging up research data and doing my own personal testing. I also ‘expected’ the answer to find me. By November I was in ‘deep’ remission and the doctor wanted to credit the water I was drinking after I moved. The ‘answer’ was not possible in his world and still isn’t. There is a lot of money being spent on finding the cure. I have counseled many over the last 22 years who had my health challenge. I gave them the ‘clues’ and a path to remission. Everyone experienced remission as quickly as I did but they were not looking for the same thing I had gone after. They all quit and they are all dead because their doctors were the experts and told them it wouldn’t work. Even when their bodies told them otherwise they quit. Their commitment was to something else.

    No amount of advice, perfect or completely flawed, makes any difference if your base commitment is to maintain your environment. The other side of the coin is where ever you go there you are.

    1. Hi Michael…..your comment is of great interest to
      me…can you e mail me and tell me more about the
      disease and how you overcome it…I am a student of
      natural health & longevity and prevention most important and then change when necessary…what are
      your thoughts…and what did you advise these people???…………Harv

  17. Thanks Randy,

    I love this one!

    “I realized none of the “experts” made as much money as I did. So I left, even though I have paid several thousand dollars to attend and there were two days left.”

    Isn’t that so true in MLM!

    Ace Duce

  18. Hey Randy Gage,
    If you want tobe big, ask the bigs ones how you can do it,
    take them advice and learn from them,becausethe did it,
    the know the way, and cans guide you.
    There is a saing of a wize person:
    Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.” James R.
    Other person, who likes to give advices, but isn”t experienced, is like” the blind leads another blind.

  19. Hi Guys:

    Yep this happen to me as well, “my mate says your products are expensive” etc. The fact is you are talking to the wrong person. Don’t believe me? Try asking them what they have done in their lives that they are proud of or if they had loads of money what would they buy?

    You can guess the sort of answers you will get. Thats just the way it is…just set your sights a bit higher, its a lot easier in the long run.

  20. RG-

    You’re correct you need to get advice from an expert. Yet I’m tasked with building my network marketing business and not yet being successful as I want or need to be So the rub is how do I bring new people to the business and display and give advice to my new people.

    I have found the answer in leveraging people that have the chops people like you!



  21. Thanks for sharing this with us Randy.
    It has opened my eyes to see how to understand the value of the council in which I am receiving should be considered. Thanks again.
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

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