Check Your Recruiting Results

Everyone comes into the business with different skill sets and levels of effectiveness in those skill sets.  This is certainly true in recruiting.  But if you’re not getting a certain level of results, then you need to take steps to improve them.  

I believe you should be getting one third to one half of the people you present to into your business, either as a team member or customer.  If your numbers are below that, here are some things you can do:

Make third party tools a bigger part of your presentations.  This gives credibility to your opportunity and makes your lack of experience or earnings less of a factor.

Record and listen to your presentations.  You’ll often recognize weak spots and can make them stronger.

Rehearse your presentations.  Presenting to your goldfish, dog or cat makes you better and will give you more confidence.  And who knows, your dog could be your next Diamond!

Counsel upline and report your results.  They may be able to help you find where you need work.

Develop your people skills.  Read or re-read “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

These are things I believe will help your results.  Please share any other ideas you have with the community.


24 thoughts on “Check Your Recruiting Results

  1. Hey Randy, great recruiting tips! Here’s one more that I share with my team.

    Don’t ask people to do you a favor and look at your business opportunity. Your posture needs to be that you’re doing them a favor.

    You have gold in your hands. They need you way more than you need them.

  2. I have a 43% recruit rate right now.

    up from 9% a year ago.. 🙂 We are all on a journey

    Thank you, Randy for those pointers. I know that any pointer we can share as leaders builds leaders that rise with (and even above) us.

    Probably what made the biggest difference in my approach was remembering three key factors: Enthusiasm, Urgency, and lastly, but most importantly, Expectancy.

    Enthusiasm that becomes contagious
    Urgency that demands decisions (yes or no)
    Expectancy – which could be a blog post in itself. 🙂

    1. Hi Paul,

      Great job at the 43% success rate!
      That’s awesome! Congratulations you deserve it my friend.
      Thanks for the added concepts of E. U. E.
      Look forward to an upcoming blog post from you on Expectancy!!!
      Make it a great day!
      God Bless,

  3. When listening back to your recording for the first time don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone, and I mean everyone, does not like hearing the sound of their own voice, it’s just one of those things.

    So focus on the process of what you are saying and especially how you are saying it, and by all means, ask your sponsor or work-out buddy how you are doing with it. It turns out to be a lot of fun!

    The book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” changed my life.
    Thanks Randy.

  4. Hi Guys

    I have a recruiting suggestion that can produce suprising results.
    If you get a no then say “I accept your decision, it would help me to know why you have decided this way”
    Very often the prospect has miunderstood some concept and the situation can be recovered. What I have learned is keep it simple. Prospects are looking for a solution, not a lecture.
    I think the hard bit in sponsoring is waterproofing them against well meaning but inappropriate advice from friends.
    You have to put up with this, but it doesn’t mean you have to like it.


  5. I work with a product that everybody needs, likes and gets for free, so I have 97% rate of getting customers and more than a half of them sooner or later become team members.
    Before I make my short presentation (for the detailed one I always use 3rd party materials and people), I tell the new enrollees that this business is only for intelligent people and most of them are immediately prepared to listen. Do I trick them? No it’s solemnly true – if they meet an opportunity like this and let it slip through their hands without a weighty reason to do so, they lack that stuff mentioned above…
    Finaly, all of them, who are at least on the everage, succeed enrolling new people in their group with more or less help from their upline team. I don’t need to mention the business spreads like a wildfire… and it’s a darn good feeling after years of struggling on the 10% rate most! But before you grow in business, you must grow in knowledge, right?

    Love, Natasa

  6. Be seriously interested in improving your prospect’s
    quality of life.
    How can you solve their challenges if you don’t know
    what they are?
    Being a great listener is 100 x more effective than being
    a silver tongued devil.
    Connect with your prospect by asking effective questions,
    not by fire-hosing them with information.

  7. Randy,

    33 to 50% is a target to shoot for. Bill Britt was less than 20% and still made millions. I was a US Navy recruiter for 3 years. The average recruiter found 2.5 people a month and they gave you a medal if you found 12 every 3 months. I averaged over 33 a month for 3 years. The lessons I learned are similar here.

    I had a target market, 16 – 25 year old males. If they were not part of my target market I gave them my card and asked them to send me everyone who was.

    I only talked to people who were interested and looking… I did not talk to anyone longer than 10 seconds who was not interested in joining the Navy. After awhile I could identify who was willing and interested and who wasn’t. It did help I wore a uniform that was noticed.

    I qualified them in every way first. They had to be willing, able and ready. The process took some time but assuming anyone can do this [is willing, able and ready] may be the biggest time waster for most people.

    The ones that were Willing Able and Ready, WAR qualified, I offered a six year commitment as their best opportunity. 97% over 3 years signed up.

    Ignore the no’s and become a yes magnet. Discover their ‘problem’ and offer a solution that fits their situation. It is not about sales, overcoming objections or manipulating people into a box they can only say yes to get out of.

    Network marketing requires a lot more work and is a bigger commitment. As a Navy Recruiter I was their first stop along the way. As a network marketing recruiter I am looking for people who are willing, able and ready to be one of my best friends. A lifetime commitment fraught with all that it implies.


  8. Hey Randy
    About “great recruiting tips”
    When you deal with internet business, you’re always learning more,
    because you can get many advices from many persons, make a vdeo
    which show to everyone the great advantageous of your oportunity in mlm,
    for to make people so motivated to be in your organization.

  9. The #1 objective when talking to a prospect is to get them to make a decision to join or not. And if they say they want to think it over here is how I close them.

    Great think it over! Take all the Time you want! But could you do me a favor?

    The next time you get your paycheck. When you rip open the envelope, and you pull out the check between you thumb and fore finger. Just hold it up to the light and ask yourself….. ” Is that all I’m worth?”

    Gets them every time……I learned that tip from a little short, fat, bald guy, lol

  10. Hi Guy’s

    Read the above and been thinking about the peope that just do not turn up for appointments. Its easy to blame them, but is it really me that hasn’t qualified them properly? This business isn’t for everyone but perhaps I need to be a bit more honest with myself about people’s real commitment and interest level?

  11. Great tips! I tell people it’s a golden opportunity they should key into if they want to achieve their financial goals especially if their take home pay is not enough to take them home!

  12. Great pointers Randy.
    For me the key point is to measure our progress and use that to help understand where we can add improvement and tweaking to take us to the next level!
    I look forward to my cat becoming the next Diamond in my Network Marketing business! LOL!
    Thanks again.
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  13. Hi Randy,

    First of all let me tell you that I’m Portuguese… So I’m sorry about my English!!!

    Let me thank you for all the training that you have been giving me. It has been very important to me.

    I’d like to ask you how do you use internet for sponsoring people for your team. You have a capture page but of course you don’t follow up with all the people who signs up on your capture pages… so what do you do with all the people on your list? Do you wait them to call you or you have another strategy? And one more thing, can you really still make one on one presentations with so many people interested on you and your business? Maybe you interview them first to make sure they’ve come to the right place…!?

    I use capture pages as well to grow consistently my list, but it is impossible to follow up with everyone personaly, so i’ve tried a diferent strategy… here’s my tip: Just pay someone to make the follow up with the people! It’s easier, we don’t spend so much time and people understand immidiatly that we are very professional! Of course you already do this I guess, but these numbers you gave “you should be getting one third to one half of the people you present to into your business” are difficult to get when you’re not working one on one, isn’t it?

    Thanks a lot for everything.

    1. Actually I don’t recruit online. When you see capture pages with my name on it, those are people on my team using my name. I work with warm market which makes it much more manageable for me.


  14. Yes, the video camera is great “mirror” to see how silly words, face looks and moves I do. Good tool to everybody specially for me 😉 B.r. kari from Finland

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