Paying the Price

So I tell people that to really build the business, they must start with ten to 15 hours a week.  And that means being out, two or three evenings a week.  

Now that’s hard.  I know.

Because it means at 7 pm, when your spouse is home and your kids want to play, you’re leaving to go to a meeting.   So you may instinctively rebel and say that you don’t want to pay that price.  You may want to only build three or four hours a week.  But that doesn’t work.

Yes ten to 15 hours a week is a sacrifice.  But it is a sacrifice you make to become free.  And leads us to the most important question…

How many hours a week are you working right now to build someone else’s dream?


22 thoughts on “Paying the Price

  1. In light of your question the 10-15hrs per week is really not a huge sacrifice, when we really put our time into perspective. Therefore it comes down to one’s belief in the process that it is possible to build your own dream. It’s said, Do the thing and you have the power. The challenge is Everyone wants the power before they do the thing.. 🙂

      1. its important to see what others have done in building dreams…google Joseph Isaacs for his FHTM recommendations along with others.

  2. There’s an old saying “Build Your Dreams or Someone Will Hire You to Build Theirs!”

    I always keep that quote in my mind to remind me to continue the sacrifice. But I don’t look at it as a sacrifice, I look at it as an investment in myself, my family and our future. So I’m investing at least 25+ hours a week in my business. Going to meetings, prospecting, 3 ways, what ever it takes. Focused on the ultimate goal.

    And You’re right Randy it is hard work.

    But most people are passive investors, especially when it comes to 401k’s, IRA’s, etc. They just throw the money out there and expect it to grow on it’s own.

    Same way in Network Marketing. People join, set back, do nothing and say where is the money!

  3. It doesn’t matter what your trying to achieve or accomplish. Success in any endeavor requires a price to be paid. I started out with 10-15 hours a week and I’m partners in an insurance business.
    I cut out all my TV at first, then when it started getting more serious, I cut out a lot of my golf. I now spend 20-30 hours a week but should be done financially in 2-3 more years. There is no better opportunity than network marketing if you’ll pay the price.
    Randy, I love your blog.

  4. A diamond in my first network marketing company taught me…

    “You have to give up a few things now, so that you can have everything later” and…

    “Do what other people won’t do, so that you can have what other people don’t have.”

  5. I am ready to pay the price for freedom!
    I am thankful that I have a family that is understanding of the value that comes.
    If they do not understand then you most likely have not communicated it effectively or they do not really understand or belief that it is possible. Through your commitment to creating freedom in your life you will transfer the belief to them as well to share in your passion to create a great life!
    Thanks Randy for sharing this.
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  6. You must establish unshakable belief in your product, your leadership, your networking industry, and in yourself, then you wont mind going out 3-nights a week because you wont consider it a sacrifice you will consider it having fun. If you lack total belief in any one of the above areas you will not succeed.

  7. What a fantastic explanation about paying the price Randy, I believe that going after your derams and having a plan go together; beware that if you don’t have a plan somebody else has one for you.

  8. When you look at where you are now in life, AND you realize you’ve done very little to move forward in life, 10 to 15 hours a week is worth every second when you really want something. It is priceless. Work hard now and you’ll realize a residual income you only dreamed of. Some of us must work 20 – 30 hours extra a week. It all depends on what you want out of life. Remember, successful people do what un seccessful people don’t like to do.

  9. We work for someone else at least for more than a 40 hour week building their equity. The 10 to 15 hours to build your own equity part time is priceless.

  10. I just started to get this concept, for a long time my father had tried to instill in me the values of self employment, but I resisted an instead took a more traditional approach and got a college degree and work in corporate America.
    I am just getting that being in business for myself makes more sence than getting a weekly salary.

  11. The beauty of Network Marketing is people work together and build their dreams together – it encourages supporting one another. So I am willing to work as many hours as needed to build my team members dreams as well as mine in the process.

  12. “How many hours a week are you working right now to build someone else’s dream?” HELLO REALITY!! Man oh man. I know that was a jagged pill for some folks on the excuse train to nowhere. If there is one spouse or partner that’s doing the business and the other is watching they need to be schooled in the concept of delayed gratification. See the end result. Invest now dividends later. As a father of 2 boys if I had to do it all over again I would invest the time to build my dreams on the front end.
    Randy you are a master at showing current reality to folks. This often times makes the best presentation.
    Have a great day.

    1. investing in real estate is tricky if you are not seasoned or know those advising you on the project. In Florida its particularly troublesome with a depressed economy and the number of foreclosures. What this does is bring out the opportunist marketer looking for an easy mark. These individuals come from the MLM business, Telecom, and many other hot topic at the moment businesses. In Florida there can not be a promise of a fixed return or any return unless the property has a registered offering or investment document with appropriate disclosures. Buyer & Investor Beware.

  13. I love that you tell prospective team members up front what it takes to achieve their dreams in this business. As a Certified Dream Coach, I believe that part of the process must also include helping them clarify their dreams, which will clearly identify their ultimate reasons for doing the business. Those reasons will be a constant reminder that the SMALL sacrifices now are worth achieving the BIG dream later! And as a coach/mentor/leader, knowing what those dreams are, will help us support and motivate them through the challenges along the way. Keep dreaming!

  14. Hey Randy Gage,

    In this business we have not any boss, to tell us what to do and when todo it
    and so on. We have the freedom to decide for owerselves, and the responsibility
    on ower decisins.
    inevery buseniss need to make sacrifices, for to get it grow and posper.
    but in this industrey we are independent, and i am ready to pay the price for freedom/
    God Bless,
    Lea Sedan.

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