The Things YOU Control

Are you moaning about the people on your team not doing enough?  Complaining about your dead sponsor?  What good can really come of that?

What about if you worry about the things that YOU can control?

Your attitude.  Your personal volume.  The events you attend.  The amount of people you expose your business to.  The time you spend on self-development.  The schedule you work the business.

The funny thing is when you take care of the stuff that you control, it affects all the stuff you can’t.

So how you doing on that?


19 thoughts on “The Things YOU Control

  1. Well said Randy! Staying focused is something we all need to work on. It’s so easy to get sidetracked, especially if you have ADD like I do…LOL.

  2. For years I used to complain about my unmotivated people. Then someone told me I was attracting people just like me. Well that was a wake up call. I laid back some they laid back some. They didn’t hear from me for awhile, I didn’t hear from them either. As the leader of my group 98% of my people mirrored me! The other 2% told me to get out of their way. Like the economy itself, we go through cycles. You just want to be going more up than down. Now I have found that the more I improved the more the quality of my new recruits improved. You attract people like you. Thats why its so important to improve yourself, or your skills. When the key people see you have improved they just might want to work with you.

    1. so true in our life.
      I really appreciate your honesty about self-development.
      I also start to see that it is almost all of the work we have to do, in order to attract the people we want.
      I believe the best service we can give to new leaders in our industry is to insist on them going deep into self-development.
      Everything else will follow naturally.

    1. Bonjour Enrique, si vous voulez vraiment arriver, il faut penser à développer la pensée positive. Si la lecture vous intéresse, voici 2titres dans ma liste de livres de développement: 1) la puissance de la pensée positive par Norman vincent Peale, c’est le no3607 dans la collection “Marabout”(+/-6euros)
      2)Transformez votre vie de Louise L.Hay bien d’autres. Bon Succès

  3. I love it! And I couldn’t agree more. Nothing motivates me more than to see my sponsor advancing so I work to make my distributors feel the same about me. Leading by example…just might work! 🙂

  4. -RG,

    Spot-on! Lead by example take care of your “stuff” other will notice and want to join you. Those that don’t, don’t want to work on themselves.


  5. Hey Randy Gage,

    Itry to recruit seroius people to be good partners which has the willingness
    to invest in their buseniss, to learn and to be ready for self development,
    and to duplicate the system.
    Iknow that there is a possibility to fail and ta mistakes about reevaluate other people, but ther is a saying: A good leader, like you for example, can motivate his
    team to follow and duplicate him, by his personal model and values.

  6. Thanks Randy, that’s the way forward! we shouldn’t depend on anybody! that’s the secret, “believe in everyone but wait for no one.”

  7. Hallo Randy. Is there any chance I can contact you private? There’s something I need to ask you. Do you have a e-mail address that I can use?

    Please send me a e-mail at when you have a chance.

    Warmest regards

    Kent Davidsson

  8. You are exactly right we tend to critisize that person or the other one in our organization and each time we do that we should get back on the thing we can control and check it out what we have stop doing lately ? and get back to do it again; than the rest it take care of it’self

    Sergio Ervini

  9. I see this philosophy reflected in my entire life. I attract those who confirm my belief about myself ~ positive or negative. My primary purpose is to be what I want to attract.

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