The Greatest Time

I believe we’re living in the greatest time in human history.  So today I sent out a message on my Twitter account asking people if they are acting accordingly.  The response was telling…

A number of people asked me why I said that.  Which kind of answered the question David Whited asked me.  He wanted to know if I thought the people during the Renaissance had any idea what they were living through.  I bet most didn’t.

And it’s especially true in our profession.  I believe with all the drama in the economy, we are in the “Golden Age” of Network Marketing.  But of course most people won’t recognize that until it’s over.

If you haven’t seen the interview I did with Eric Worre on Network Marketing and the new economy, you should watch it.  You can find it here:

Then please answer the question above.  Are you living your life and running your business according to the tremendous opportunity we are in right now?


17 thoughts on “The Greatest Time

  1. The more and more I share my business with others the more and more I realize that there are so many people out there that need what we have.

    Randy is so right. Times like this will either make you wealthy or you will be setting on the sidelines wondering what just happened.

    People are looking for a solution and a better way than the way we have been taught to do things in the past. Those days are gone of working the old ways to survive. More and more people are starting to realize that, and they are more open to what we have to offer.

    The opportunity is there, all we have to do is share it with others.

  2. If you discovered an object that you could operate that would provide you and your posterity with everything they could imagine you would do everything you could to obtain it. You have better plans?

    What are you waiting for?

  3. In the darkness, the timid and the weak look for others to lead the way. The bold and the brave adjust to the darkness and lead others out.

    As this is the worst economic times since the depression, this is our moment in network marketing to create a lifetime of security not only for ourselves, but for others we lead out of the darkness.

  4. Greetings Randy,

    Watching the short message you delivered I could not agree with you more.

    Not only is the time right, it is one of the only ways to prepare for the change that is even going to be greater than it is right now.

    Our industry will also be changing to meet the needs and create the solutions people so desperately need.

    I liked your analogy of what socialism really is and why it never works, except on paper…. sounds good, looks good, until you try to put it in place…..

    For those reading, go forward with confidence and prepare yourself to be able to speak and lead others to this great industry.

    It Really Will Be Worth The Effort!!

    Be Blessed,


  5. -RG,

    Thanks for the first installment of “Bald Dudes on the New Economy”.

    No, you were spot on with “Safe is the new risky” and “bold aggressive”.

    In theses times we must “zig when all others are “zagging”. We (Network Marketers) are the new economy. The time is NOW!

    John D Rockefeller said “The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets.”

    Well folks the the streets are flooded.


  6. Tobe honest and truthful with myself, the answer would be no. I push here and there, but have not been consistent. That is one of the areas I am doing to improve myself on.

  7. I must tell you that I see an increase of people want to do somenthing
    for them self out there they are moslty confused and the most important thing I try to do is inform them of our incredible industry that has to offer to them.
    At the same time I must improve my system because I can’t folow all of them on my funnel.


    Multi Level Marketing Saving Our Society!

    Millions of good honest folk are drowning in the murky waters of the global debt while politicians are re-arranging the deck chairs of the Titanic world financial crisis.

    It is our duty not only to build for our own future but to spread the benefits of MLM in order to maintain a civilised society as citizens of this planet. The old methods of doing business are all about man exploiting man. We all know you can only succeed in MLM if you help those you introduce into it to succeed. It is this concept above all others that is the unique selling point (USP) of MLM. When people understand our USP the rest is easy.

    More people than ever are seeking a financial lifebelt. The time is NOW to go and fill your boots with new prospects and show them that an alternative is available to all.
    Start throwing everyone the MLM lifebelts!

  9. Last weekend I went to the “Get Motivated” seminar with Zig, Terry Bradshaw, Rudy Juliani, Tamara Lowe and many more. They gave us alot of their wisdom, and this time, the majority were recommending to us something they did not mention 5-years ago on the same tour, and that was “get yourself a home based business” for the extra income, the write offs, and so you can be in control in a world where stability is not the status quo anymore. Interesting huh? Wow I thought, did you hear that! The gurus are telling the masses Its OK to do network Markeing. So Randy, yes, I believe you are right. The shift is on. Let the games begin.

  10. Hey Randy Gage,

    read the book of Wave 4, Richard Poe, Book – Barnes & Noble
    Ride the Wave into the 21st Century! In the ground-breaking Wave 3, Richard Poe
    revealed how the new world of computers has liberated network marketing
    the economy conditions and situation change fast/ Now the tnternet , and the content which you put in is the king.
    Ithing that you have good vision for to see the futur situaion.
    By the way Eric Worry is my “friend:

    “Dear lea,

    The person with the marker makes the money, which means presentation skills are important. Here are a few tips

    Your friend & partner,

    Eric Worre – Network Marketing Pro

  11. People who weren’t previously open to network marketing are now looking for options to supplement their income.

    It’s an amazing time to help people build a home business, especially when you can show them how to save money, earn residual income and reduce their taxes with a home business.

  12. Hello mr Randy Gage….MLM e rabota na 21 vek.Vse oste ne razbrano ot bolshinstvoto xora,no finansovata kriza po reditsa prichini gi izkarva na ulitsata.Saglasna sam s vas VREMETO e SEGA.Informirane i pomagane na xorata da izgradiat bisnes ot doma/WORK FROM HOME/ s uvajenie i pojelanie za zdrave…from greece

  13. I just came from a meeting about 30 minutes ago–and finally had time to check my email. What is interesting is that the person leading the meeting has been in network marketing for 20 years–and she said that the great earners are yet to join. (She, BTW, earns well over a million a year)

    There is a paradigm shift in the way goods are being sold and distributed in a global economy. That shift is network marketing.

    Right on, Randy!!


  14. Hi lovely Randy

    I’m one of palinure member in iran. i bought the dvd of your amazing conference in Dubai in 2008. and your advise really worked.
    do i have permission to translate your note on this blog to Persian and put them on my web log ???

  15. Contestando a tu pregunta, realmente no, debería aprovechar más y mejor El momento actual,
    el momento es ¡¡¡AHORA¡¡¡ y todos los que estamos dentro de esta industria lo sabemos pero …
    El problema es … ¿CÓMO HACEMOS PARA TRASLADARLO A LOS DEMÁS? y ¿QUE SE LO CREAN TAMBIÉN? para construir una verdadera red, con rapidez.

    ¿Te imaginas? … EN LA EDAD DE PIEDRA ¡¡que alguién quiera venderte una rueda¡¡¡ …

    ufff este es el reto, LA CREDIBILIDAD Y LA CONFIANZA
    Sevilla (España)

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