Getting Them Committed

Interesting thing happened to my new guy the other day.  One of his prospects that had been to a presentation a couple days before called and asked him to come over to the house that night and tell her friends about the biz.   

That would get most people excited.  It got me worried…

Because on the surface something like that looks great.  But in reality, it almost never is.  There are a couple things wrong with this picture:

First the prospect hasn’t signed up and made a commitment.  Sometimes prospects want to “test drive” the biz without making a commitment.  They figure if their friends sign up, then they’ll join, and if they don’t, they saved the money for the activation order.  Very foolish thinking…

Prospects almost never join someone that is committed themselves.  And the original prospect has no training on how to invite, host a presentation, or follow up.  They have no info packs or samples and no product experience.

So when something like this comes up, I think you have to do some tough love.  I recommend telling them something like, “I’m excited that you’re excited.  And I want to help you be successful.  But to do that, it’s important that you get signed up yourself first.  Let’s get your kit and product ordered, and get you through the Get Started training.  Otherwise you are likely to blow away your best prospects, because you’re not trained yet.”

What about you?  Do you make people sign up first?  Or do you run with the excitement and count on that getting them committed?


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  1. Thank the guy for his ‘generous offer of referrals’ (wink, wink) but point out (again) that he really ought to be the primary beneficiary so let’s get him signed up and on the product first. Also point out to him how much he’d miss out on by not doing so, should one of his referrals turn out to be a superstar in our business.

    At some point in the conversation he has to realise you are not letting him do this!

  2. I’ve done it the “Run with the excitement” thing and it didn’t work out so well.

    I think you’re right on with getting the commitment, and great wording, too.

    How do you support that posture in a new person and still keep a bit of the excitement?

  3. I don’t count on that getting them committed, but actually I do run with their excitement.

    Happens to me that, living in the Dominican Republic, not everyone can buy a $170 start kit over here, nor even a $600 start-up package. So, realizing whether the person is doing rodeos because of lack of money, or because is “test driving” the business, is a fuzzy task that only the experienced networker knows how to deal with, because many won’t admit they don’t have the initial money to invest. Cultural issue.

    So if this prospect, having attended an event and other meetings, and wants to join my business but I see no intention of a quickly enroll, then I propose him/her to make a home meeting at his/her place, making them understand that people who attend the meeting will belong to their downline.

    Why I do this? Because I’m still not sure if this person wants to make a commitment or not. And if I dedicated myself to strengthening good relations with this person during every follow-up, guess what… in most cases, that encourages them to make that meeting. So when they see that the neighbor is more excited to join me than themselves, then I will comment more later: “Hey, according to the feedback we got from you neighbor Pedro at the end of the meeting, it seems that Pedro will join our team, probably tomorrow, so… what are you gonna do?”

  4. I would think the first prospect are lack of self confidence, they need other people to agree with what they choose. They do not have the guts to stand strong and make the business works.

    I used to think that way too, but not anymore, since I leave my negative thinking, my business start to grow.

  5. Dear Randy , thank you , because something similar happened to me in the past , still exist and owner of the prospect thinks he has gold in the hands but without real proves that`s profitable.

    Absolute thrue what is in the blog, thanks one more.


  6. It seems like the prospect already is “sold” the idea, as he managed to get more friends interested. I would acknowledge him for that ability, and help him with what ever bug is there, that stops him from joining himself. Then I would gladly help with a presentation for his friends. It is his friends, and they should sign up under him, so he can get successful in his business. After all that is what all this is about, to help others to success. Or am I wrong here? That is the culture we want to build – isn’t it? That is what I got from following you Randy.

  7. I get them committed. If they are not 10 on the 1 to 10 scale – and not activated into the business and didn’t get through the Get Started training I don’t do the business with them. I promised them that I’ll always going to tell them the truth and have their best interest in mind and that is not their best interest..

  8. Yep, this has heppened to me before. A number of times. I dont do it any more. Ive learnt from experience that its costly trying to help people who dont show any commitment. Instead i focus my energy on those who do.

  9. Randy, I am now going through your Rapid Rad Recruitment and in one of the first Lessons you tell the story of how you react when a prospect – even now – tells you that something like this can not possibly work, and what is the difference between your reaction and the reaction of us/others when we are told something like that. I think, that what you are talking above has a similar issue – the posture of a Sponsor, i.e. what is my posture?
    And yes, it happened to me in the very beginning. My prospect with whom I did all the right steps – met on the flight from Las Vegas, had a proper home presentation, three way follow up call, attending a live event – said that he was going to join on Tuesday but he already talked with his friend and could we have a presentation for his friend. I was so enthusiastic – here was a guy who seemingly got it right away – that I gave him the DVD and said to call me for three way follow up right after they finish watching. Well, instead I got a very brief email saying that he was not going to do this because he had no time! 🙂
    So I think that developing the strength of my own posture helps me to be convincing in that it is better for the prospect’s future business results to sign up first and demonstrate commitment by doing that.

  10. Hey Randy,

    When someone is signed up and made a commitment, it’s makes him feel realy
    commitmented to his promise.Then is the time to begin to qualify him.

  11. Have made that mistake in the past too many times SO now I make sure that the new person is signed up AND trained before sitting down with anyone they are prospecting.

  12. I have learnt that Its always better for the prospect to be committed, purchase product and have basic training before they start prospecting their contacts.if not, they can easily get discouraged

  13. Years of experience tells me
    run with the excitement produces better results.

    We always get someone upline to do the meeting whether it’s in their living room or on a webcam if they’re more than a 3 hr drive. So eliminates the not knowing what to do.

    I’ve always applied the principle of apply pressure from the bottom up never top down, give them something to lose. You don’t have anyone sponsored even if they have activated until you have someone sponsored for them.

    If they activate & quit later what have you really gained except getting paid a few hundred bucks for your time. That doesn’t serve us or the prospect long term.

    Many times I’ve had to go 3-4 deep in meetings to find someone that was all in & several times I’ve called the prospects above & one or more of them decided to activate.

    You never know the reason that’s holding them back. I remember one guy whose girlfriend was trying to talk him out of it at his first home meeting, but the guy was excited & had 2 guests there. One of his guests says, “I gotta get going but I want to register before I leave. How do I do that?” I looked at my prospect & said, “That depends on what Brian is going to do”. Brian looked at his girlfriend & said, “Dan we’re going to step into the other room & talk.”. When they came back in 5 min later he enrolled & so did his prospect. We later went on to put 100s of people into Brian’s team.

    We ask new people to make a list & invite people for them to their first meeting enrolled or not. They usually leave that meeting asking how to enroll.

    1. WOW sounds like you are really taking care of your prospects Dan, I love that. I’m new in network marketing, and trying to figure out how to do this best. So far I started 3 people who did not continue, so I failed, because I did not do the right things to help them, because I did not know how, so I can relate to what you wrote about that.

      1. Lene, you may not have done the right things to start them. or you might. Not everyone will do this even though they sign up, and that’s alright. Dan, thanks for checking in> i was hoping you would on this and thought you might say what you did.


  14. Thank you everyone, this is really great and really encouraging good useful information. I am also new to mml, signed up and using products for 2 months now and still in planning stages of gaining prospects, none so far.

  15. I’m REALLY glad you did this post. Because guess what happened to me this last weekend….

    I’ve been talking to my friend about signing up and starting her business. She said that she wanted me to do the presentation with her to her friends this upcoming weekend to see what they said. I said no. My reasoning was, why should they even think about signing up with you if YOU haven’t signed up?

    I didn’t hold the meeting. I used to hold these meetings and they don’t sign up. I’ve also held home meetings with a new person who HAS signed up and you can see the urgency, the excitement, the commitment in their eyes, language and posture. They are completely different than the “let me throw the wet noodles at the wall to see who sticks and then I’ll sign up.”

  16. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts. Mr Gage, very thankful you posted this. I many times have ran with the excitement, bent over backwards, and no results in the end. I will not waste my time with anyone unless they have committed to some extent.

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