When People Leave

So I was counseling with one of my Diamonds.  The wife asked about the news that a couple Diamonds had left the company, and several others were being terminated for cross recruiting.  She leaned forward and said, “I know you never send negativity downline, but it’s okay if you tell us how worried you are.”  I had to laugh…

Remember my “day job” is teaching the principles of prosperity.  And one of the most powerful is the vacuum law of prosperity.  When you create a strong culture in your team or company, those that don’t fit in will self-select themselves out of the equation.

So I don’t get hysterical when people leave, I don’t ask my company to do lawsuits or get ruffled.  Dr Pepper wants market share from Pepsi, Pepsi wants market share from Coke.  DJs leave Power 96 and go to Hot 105.  Others leave Q 92 and go to Easy 102.  It’s the nature of human nature.  The question is never will a top leader leave your company, but who the next one will be.

Especially in Network Marketing, people switch companies all the time.  Frankly there are a lot of whores who shop for deals and there will always be desperate companies willing to make them.  Others aren’t willing to do the work and think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  And sometimes people just need a change of scenery, don’t like their sponsor, or just feel the company they’re with isn’t a good fit for them.

Each time this happens there will be breathless sensationalism on the Internet, with people blogging, posting videos and jockeying for positions.  Remember it’s really just gossip and has no impact on your business, as the only people that visit those sites are the “MLM junkies’ who are always flitting around from deal to deal.

Your job is to stay focused on what matters to you and your team:  your CV, product culture, selling tickets to the next event, building to the next major event, and getting your next prospect to a presentation.

Everything else is just gossip, distractions and noise.  Stay focused on what matters and you’ll achieve what you’re really looking for.


49 thoughts on “When People Leave

  1. Amen Randy! I learned about 10 years ago when I was at the beginning of my Network Marketing career that survival is the name of the game. Don’t worry about what others do and say because it won’t affect your destiny…only if you let it. Never ever quit!!! Those who stick with it when others are gone are the ones who will be next!

    Nam (@Only398)

  2. Absolutely correct. The only question is if you will work. Your success is not tied to your upline’s but your consistent effort.

  3. Great Post Randy and so true. Thank you for stating this info here for others who may just not get it. It is all OK and focus is the name of the game of success!

    See you at the Top! Making my way there and having a blast on the journey!

    Mary G

  4. I’m glad you posted this Randy. One of my peers commented on the two Diamonds leaving. I love the product and the freedom that my NM company offers so my concern wasn’t “who’s leaving.” My concern was is the company still fiscally sound and is the product still awesome. I think that’s way more important.

  5. It never matters who is leaving! Only that you stay focused on your business and keep moving forward! If you get caught up in the rumor mill so will your team! It will be a big distraction for all!

  6. Well Great post….

    I want to share this though based on my past.

    I decided to quit of the company before the one i´m working now, because some of the people who were working there discovered the lies of the owner´s company and when we could see they begin to no pay the commissions and other no ethical things….. SO….

    If the company has a good values, good principles, good product, good compensation plan and really good support, the mains job to is “to stay focused on what matters to you and your team: your CV, product culture, selling tickets to the next event, building to the next major event, and getting your next prospect to a presentation” as You said.

    From Colombia,

    German Jaramillo

  7. As I’m here in Thailand many diamonds was terminated but that doesn’t matter. We all here are staying focus on the actions that will cause us to where we want to go.

    And thank you for coming here next month that gonna be one of the great event ever in Thailand history.


  8. Had a similar experience last year, six months later our business is still growing, we wish they had stayed but each chooses their own destiny,

    Thanks Randy

  9. Hi, Randy! For me, the marketing style of my life, my inspiration for the next rise to the top of being in the way of my self. And I have a big dream of becoming millionaires and billionaires.

  10. Fantastic comments. Don’tknow what a Diamond is…Don’t waht company you are talking about. ALL Networking companies have people that quit,,and for different reasons. I have had a team of up to five so far. Now on my own again as they have all disappeared. The important thing is Have I quit. No way. One day I will have my “Diamonds”

  11. It’s one of the most unsettling thngs of the business I find. Seeing someone you admire talk about how your company is the only one for them blah blah and then next thing you know they’re off saying exactly the same thing about another one. I know sometimes people have to leave and switch because they’re in the wrong place but it really erodes their credibility as a leader in my eyes.

    At least if they could think up something fresh to say about the next company rather than just flling in the blanks, it would be better!

    Great post with honest info that people need to hear.

    1. Rachel, so true.

      Someone recently told me they had “the most innovative product in NM.” Made me thing, “Didn’t you tell me the same thing two years ago about your old product?”

  12. Rachel Henke (below) said it so well:
    “It’s one of the most unsettling thngs of the business I find. Seeing someone you admire talk about how your company is the only one for them blah blah and then next thing you know they’re off saying exactly the same thing about another one.”
    “it really erodes their credibility as a leader in my eyes”
    Agreeing emotionally with Rachel, I would add that people move on from everything in life as there is no permanence. Remember the only absolute is change.
    What makes it more challenging in our industry is when the person who leaves is a mentor of ours and we then have an emotional attachment to their leaving “our company”. Today we have the datasphere to seek out incredible mentors from our industry as well as the self development arena and it more than fills the leadership vacuum. Not to mention going upline in our company.
    Having said that, let us be the ones who move into leadership and fill the leadership vacuum as RG suggests in his excellent post.

  13. Great post. Although it doesn’t matter who leaves as long as the company stays strong I can list a few I’d wish WOULD leave!

  14. Yeah and… “Dr Pepper wants market share from Pepsi” and Pepsi OWNS Dr. Pepper. The ONLY people I’ve found who care about that “free agent” thing are folks who are not out focused on their business & their team. Pretend work. Leaders don’t give it more than a few seconds notice.


  15. Hey Randy

    “When People Leave”let them leave,go on and continue to focus on your target/
    “As long as you don’t give up, there is no way you can lose

  16. Ha ha, there they go again. Randy u must’ve seen it all so this is nothing. I believe such things happen for your gain anyway, i dont like negative people in my team-they can poison the rest of us.

    People should stop allowing these distractions from pushing them further from their dreams. Really! For those of us who have no idea about this whole fiasco, dont even bother. Once u ignore one gossip u somehow dont care for all the others that come. Stay on track.

    Great post, luv it!

  17. When you play in the big leagues you will always encounter big league challenges.

    Small organizations don’t have these issues!!

    How you deal with those challenges will define you as a leader and the growth of your business.

    You know you have “arrived” in Network Marketing when you have this happen in your business.

    I see Randy based on this post you definitely are practicing what you preach a sign of a great leader!!!!

  18. Hey Great Comment Randy,
    I’ve been with my company for 11 years, from startup to 11 years later. I’ve seen many top Leaders come and go, usually for selfish reasons. I’ve stuck through the good and the bad times because I believe 100% in the company’s mission, the ownership, the mangement team and the products. When you have a belief system that deep. No one or two people leaving can effect you
    Pete Monsen

  19. There are different ‘kinds’ of quitting. Quitting on your dream is one thing. Quitting on yourself is tragic and all too commonplace. The industry is filled with the bodies of those who quit on themselves and blame the company, their sponsor or circumstances for their lack of success.

    This is a relationship business. Relationships grow, change and have a life all their own. Our conditions for satisfaction in the beginning change after we have participated for a length of time. When buying clothes you know your size and you still try the clothes on. Sometimes the label size is wrong or more often you don’t like the feel or something about how it looks on you and you return it to the rack. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you or it, it just not a good fit. Participating in a company is ultimately about how it fits you. Your personal growth and the company’s growth will always have some tension. If you are miserable or even worse, settling because you like it, you will have to generate a level of passion higher than your experience or find something that really turns you on, that feeds your passion and when you do you move.

    There is an either or mentality in all this. The industry treats people almost like ‘employees’ protecting themselves from all sorts of outside influence. Some of it is warranted and still much seems counterproductive. Imagine if it was about AND. Instead of leaving one company for another there was as chance and a powerful way to do both. Working them in tandem to find a synergy that supported both would be more constructive than what now amounts to an ugly divorce with all the associated gossip and upset. Ultimately people don’t join companies they join people. If we could support people in having it all, this AND that, there might be fewer worries about what if…..

  20. I saw a quote from Larry Winget on Twitter the other day, it said:

    “The grass is always greener on the other side. Which is only because we failed to water, fertilize and tend to our own side.”

    Does that sound pretty accurate? 😉

  21. Great post Randy. I totally agree with you. I particularly liked Rachel Henke’s posting; it really hit home for me. I really liked their leadership and while they decided to go in another direction I will wish them well. Now off to build my business with the best network marketing company on the planet!

  22. What a dangerous game to get mixed up in! When people leave for whatever reason, it causes those remaining to speculate about what happened and to take sides. Entire companies have literally been wiped out with this nonsense! Many who have gone on to “bigger and better” things have dragged downline with them to the next company. Is that how you want your business to be? My advice…Stay out of the “drama”!

  23. I so appreciate your take on this!!!

    And also your take on when someone joins under a different sponsor when you’ve lit them up to the biz.

    Maybe you could write a blog on this for others- your prosperity mentality is like the key to trust and magical unfolding: all people where they are meant to be, all is well, the universe is in divine and beautiful unfolding!

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