Are You on Target?

As your surrogate sponsor, sometimes my job is to be tough on you.  And today is one of those days.  So here’s your questions:

If you committed to watching one video a day on Prosperity TV for 30 days when I wrote about it – have you followed through on that commitment?

It’s Monday.  Did you take some time over the weekend and organize your planner, scheduling the times you’ll do the business this week?

The best rainmaker activity is getting candidates to presentations.  Do you have some scheduled in the next four days?

If your answers aren’t yes, yes and yes – you’re missing the target.  And I don’t tell you that to beat you up, but to remind you that you can get back on target for the year.  Staring right now.


9 thoughts on “Are You on Target?

  1. I am totally out of , doing nothing regarding that issues, because still working on the subject of bussiness , and i had to take care about my soons and ex-wife , are sick.
    But am sure be on good way to target, changing my mind of prosperity every second.


  2. 1. no (watched 2 days…they were good so will take up the habit – how easy is it to forget a simple new habit! !?),
    2. no …planned some but not nearly enough) and
    3. yes, presentations scheduked..and need to schedule in even more!

  3. Hey Randy,

    I saw an one video a day on Prosperity TV,it is good.
    Itry to nt sabatage myself and not to be on my target.
    It’s never too late to mend, It is never too late to correct one’s mistakes or faults.

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