You Make the Call

One of the most important elements of learning the business and reaching success is monthly counseling with someone in your sponsorship line.  

Counseling is done by looking at some indicators in your business such as lines with a leader, total leaders in the group, event attendance, average volume, etc.  These indicators can accurately predict future growth (or lack of it) in your organization.

Early in your career, counseling will help you in skills development, as you learn better ways to invite, meet people and follow up.  Later in your career you may get advice on when to make major purchases, open new lines, or outline your training presentations.

But here’s the most important thing about counseling…

YOU must make the call.  YOU must submit the counseling form.  Don’t expect someone from your sponsorship line to chase after you for this.  It’s your business and your responsibility to seek this advice.

If you’re not familiar with how to counsel or have a counseling form, I have a segment in my “Duplication Nation” you’ll find very helpful.  You can get information about it here.

Are you counseling monthly?  And do you send in the forms each month?  It’s the best way to break out of a plateau and keep your volume growing.


10 thoughts on “You Make the Call

  1. That’s a very good point. I have downline I have “chased around” trying to motivate them, and I’ve come to the conclusion they must WANT this to be successful. I can no longer take responsibility. I’ve reached out to them, and they have not responded. I like how you say, “YOU must make the call”.

  2. Thought I’d share this info I got from Bob Proctor. It concerns working with someone (counseling) and taking the initiative of sharing your goals with someone. It’s from a Brigham Young University Study that compared statements people made and their likelihood of completing them:

    -Of those that said: “that’s a good idea” – they had a 10% chance of making the change
    -Of those that said: “I’ll do it” – 25% chance of making the change
    -Of those that said: “when they would do it” – 40% chance of making the change
    -Of those that: Set a specific plan – 50% chance of making the change
    – Of those that: Committed to someone else they’d do it – 60% chance of making the change
    – Of those that: Set a specific date to share their progress with someone else – 95% chance of change!

    This shows how powerful it is to be accountable to someone (a mentor).

  3. Here is the radio station I tuned into after reading your post…

    I am not counseling. It runs against my Lone Ranger mode of ‘I can do this all by myself.’ It is part of the ‘job’ mentality I was trained for. I also don’t have enough to show or brag about to even suggest counseling because I am afraid I am not good enough yet. And no one under me is coming to me for counseling so I don’t have their issues to manage either. And MONTHLY, that’s more often than I go to church. How can I humble myself when I am doing everything I can to put on the show that this is the greatest deal since hell froze over? I mean if I began counseling I would have to give up my excuses and then my downline would probably want counseling too!

    It’s time to tune into a new station.

  4. Great post Randy . . .as always but,

    We teach our people in the early stages of their businesses growth that the contact/coaching/accountability should be daily for the FASTEST success.

    The numbers have shown that those who buy into this mindset the quickest build the largest most stable businesses quicker.

    This is because this process allows the support team to get in front of issues & give wisdom on approaches & presentations on a daily basis.

    You & I have talked about the fastest way to become successful is to model the behavior of successful people in the business.

  5. -RG,

    Great point. Often I’ve heard people say that they had no support. That may be true in different degrees yet, In network marketing it is imperative that you step-up and ask for the help.

    Taking personal responsibility for you success is vital to your success.


  6. Hey Randy Gage

    In the MLM marketing, every one is a boss for himelf.Everyone has to be initiator,
    butsometime we need feedback, we need partner.So we need counseling,and
    “YOU must make the call. YOU must submit the counseling form.

  7. this is gud knowledge for all of us , and we should do counceling up words and down words . positivity down and negitivity up . and get the answer with ur upline . and i feel if u want to build ur bizniz as per ur dreams so play the one man army role and keep moving towards ur destination . and build ur self with all wepons , like …… learn invitation , followup , become presenter , then trainer , and and before all of this u should become a good learner .

  8. Hey Randy

    Gracias por hacerme partícipe de este blog.
    Me has hecho pensar con tu pregunta: Asesoramiento mensual?, seguimiento, motivación, empuje, son palabras de referencia para cualquier persona que pretenda ser un lider. Perso ser lider no es fácil. Puede ser un objetivo, una meta, pero no es fácil, no es algo que se compre con dinero.

    Para ayudar a tu equipo hay que estar dispuesto, formado y preparado, y mejorar constantemente como lider. Y se lidera tal como se es, no hay lideres mejores o peores. Hay personas mejores o peores. Porque se lidera con el mismo carisma que tiene la gente. Piense en ejemplos de su alrededor… Conozco algún caso, Director con carácter duro y agresivo ¿cómo cree que es su liderazgo?

    Los buenos líderes, no solo saben muchísimo del negocio, y tienen mucho conocimiento, sino que son buena gente, buenas personas y buscan lo mejor para los demás.

    CONCLUSIÓN.- Invertir en uno mismo, emplear tiempo y esfuerzo en ser mejor persona, es y será …tener una buena referencia y un mejor asesoramiento constante para tu equipo, es dar a cambio de nada,
    SER UN LIDER es un reconocimiento, y HAY QUE GANARLO, no se compra.

    Sevilla (España)

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