How to Tell If Your Dream is Big Enough

So let me take the chance of offending some of you today.  Let me suggest that some of you don’t have a big enough dream.  

Now we talk about dreams a lot in this business.  And of course you’ve heard, “When your dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.”

Because when your dream is big enough, it pulls you through the action necessary to get you there.  So how do you tell if your dream is big enough?

I believe it is a lot simpler than you may think.  Here’s my take on this…

If you have been in the business at least 60 days, you should have at least ten personal enrollees signed up.  Not retail customers, but business builders.  If you haven’t enrolled at least ten people in that time, your dream isn’t big enough.  If it was, you’ve have called more people, or you’d have been more compelling to the ones you have called.

Think I’m wrong?  You can argue below.  But you won’t convince me.

Now let’s deal with the other issue:  some of you that have been in for six months or six years and you’re not growing.  Yet over time you have sponsored 20 people, or 60 people, or 116 people.

The fact is, some people do it now, some do it later, and some do it never.  That’s the nature of human nature.  So our business is about bringing in enough to find the serious ones.  Then working with them developing depth.

Now for you long timers, how do we tell if your dream is big enough?  I think this is simple as well.  You need to have at least four serious lines that are actively building.  If you don’t have them, then your dream isn’t big enough either.

Because if it were, you’d have talked to more people, talked to more qualified people, or kept around more serious people.

So based on my criteria, is your dream big enough?  Do you buy my definitions or do you want to argue and tell me how big your dream is but there are special extenuating circumstances that absolve you?  Please share your thoughts either way below.  Then on the next post, we’ll look at how to grow your dream.


31 thoughts on “How to Tell If Your Dream is Big Enough

  1. My dream is big but there are special extenuating circumstances that absolve me. (just kidding- appreciate you!)

    1. Oh boy – have we all heard that ‘extenuating circumstances’ BS a few times or what? 🙂

      I’m in total agreement with your post Randy…keep up the great work.

  2. We are on track. The dream is crucial. A number of people I thought would scorch it… and they did initially… all caught their dream early. They didn’t grow it in front of them. When they caught what they were after…. they quit…. or came into touch with issues bigger than their dream that froze them, wore them out and then they quit. I have to get better as fertilizing other people’s dreams… if that is even possible… or do I just see what sticks.

  3. What a great blog ! YES !
    I may tell that my dreams are big enough. Like a great leader once said to me:
    “if it is to be, it is up to me”.
    Now, I may control things that I can control but cannot do it for external parameters. So, I’m still struggling to find the way to do things I can control a better way. You’re helping me a big deal. It’s all a process. I thank you for your constant apport. Looking forward in meeting you again. Cheers from Ralfito from Colombia.

  4. Yes! My dream is big enough and I do pass your test! However, I had never looked at it this way and will share this with my Business Builders. I would prefer that they get offended with you, rather than me! Just kidding! But this will really be useful for my team. Thank you

  5. Wish I knew how to get business builders to say yes. So far most are on welfare and wish to stay there.

  6. We need to revisit what are dreams are and take action to achieve them. We get things side track us and lose our way. Find it and it will happen with persistence, time ang agility.

  7. So, a big enough dream WILL put people into action? I must buy me a catalogue of the new ferrari models right now and have it with me at every meeting…
    Love, Natasa

  8. RG you’re right in what you said! Our desire must match up with our big dream but we’re just too lazy to work it out. The problem is not with our dream it’s our attitude.
    Thanks!More power to you!

  9. Fantastic! An excellent post that is just what I am swamped in now.
    I know my dream is not big enough or I would have a pumping business now.
    Really looking forward to next post as to how I develop my dream so that it not only gets me going but sustains massive momentum when it takes off.
    Thank you so much Randy.

  10. Randy I love how you tell it like it is and hold nothing back. I will be honest like I always do by saying that my dream “was” not big enough, prior to reading this post anyhow. I don’t want to manifest lack in my life by saying that my dream is not big enough now. It only takes one second to make a decision. If you got offended by this post then do something about it NOW… Not later!

  11. Randy, I’m not sure that it’s about whether the dream is big enough or not…it’s whether or not you can handle what getting your dream means. If most people suddenly came into millions of dollars, what would their friends and family think? Would they treat them the same way? Could they handle the sudden attention and change in the social pecking order? They say that most $Million plus Lotto winners are broke again in 5 years. Is it a matter of preparing yourself for success so that you don’t self sabotage subconsciously? Maybe that’s why most MLMers can”t explain why they don’t do more when they all know they should. It’s more about developing one’s prosperity consciousness I guess.

  12. Hey Randy Gage,

    My dream is big enough,”What the mind can concieve , the person can achieve”,
    Napoleon Hill. Ibelieve in the “Law of attracion”. my dream is not only about Ferrarii,
    I want to buy and to live in the beautiful and big vila’ with beautiful garden around it.
    Ibeilive that my dream will come true.

  13. ThankYou mr Randy…Mnogo xubav blog.Da imam mechta i obicham da mechtaia.Goliama e mechtata mi i oste po goliama viarata mi v MLM i produktite za dobro zdraveOptimist sam che ste nameria xorata s koito da izgradia MLM bussnes mreja-xora s golemi mechti.Veche tri godini v TIENS,imam 40 choveka ,koito polzvat produkti za dobro zdrave i prodaljavam da tarsia moite badesti lideri,blagodarenie na moiata goliama mechta i viara v MLM.Sega e malko trudno ,zastoto imame parva postoianna rabota i niamame mnogo vreme za sresti-obuchenie,no kato narastnat doxodite ni -distributor MLM ste bade osnovna.Tova e parvata mi mechta i drugata da postigna ikonomicheska nezavisimost..S uvajenie i pozdrav from greece…

  14. I think the answer to your question is as simple as to the one when people ask how to motivate their team. The way to motivate your team is to make money… lots of it!

    Thanks for continuing to stretch our understanding how simple this business is. How big is our dream? The proof is “in the pudding.”


  15. It’s the most succcessful people at the top of the pyramid that steals all the dreams
    so I don’t think peoples dreams are not big enough, and also if the most richest were aware they were stealing all the dreams maybe they give back more!

  16. -RG,

    I know big dreams are important. But man today some people dreams are to make rent or the house payment next month. What do I tell them? Do I tell them their dreams aren’t big enough?

    You have to meet people where they are and help move them forward.

    If you come at a person who is struggling and tell them you”ll be rich promoting product “X” they aren’t ready for that dream when they are living a nightmare.

    What do I do just blow past them or help them wake-up to dream?


  17. Good stuff Randy, i definitely agree that if someone’s dream is big enough, there’s nothing that will stop them from growing because others will feel their vision, attracted to their vibe and energy they send out, and will want to follow them.

  18. Randy, this was a GREAT blog. I mean all of your blogs are great but this one I feel like the abstract ideas (is your dream big enough) are translated into specific, measurable metrics that I can actually wrap my brain around.

    To answer your question, no my dream hasn’t been big enough and I know that now with the help of your definition! Thank you! When you translate these ideas into this more practical language it’s really helpful!

  19. Great message! A total reality check for everyone.
    I took the time to translate to Spanish for the benefit of many. Everyone, please share with your Spanish lines.

    Entonces, voy a correr el riesgo de ofender a algunos de ustedes el dia de hoy. Voy a sugerir que algunos de ustedes no tienen un sueño suficientemente grande.

    En este negocio hablamos mucho de los sueños. Y por supuesto, seguramente han escuchado la frase, “Cuando tu sueño es suficientemente grande, los hechos no importan”.

    Porque cuando tu sueño es suficientemente grande, te empujará a tomar las acciones necesarias para lograrlo. Entonces, ¿cómo puedes saber si tu sueño es suficientemente grande?

    Creo que es mucho más sencillo de lo que puedes pensar. Esta es mi opinión …

    Si has estado en el negocio al menos 60 días, debes haber firmado al menos 10 enrolados personales. No clientes preferidos, sino distribuidores. Si no has enrolado al menos 10 personas en ese tiempo, tu sueño no es lo suficientemente grande. Si lo fuera, habrías llamado a más personas, o habrías sido más efectivo con las personas que has llamado
    ¿Crees que estoy equivocado? Puedes discutir al respecto, pero no me convencerás.

    Ahora, hablemos sobre otro tema: algunos de ustedes ya han estado en el negocio durante 6 meses o 6 años, y sus negocios no están creciendo. Sin embargo, durante el tiempo que ha transcurrido han enrolado 20 personas, 60 personas, ó 116 personas.

    El hecho es que algunas personas de los que se inscriben lo hacen ahora, algunos lo hacen más tarde, y otros no lo hacen nunca. Esa es la naturaleza humana. Por lo tanto, en nuestro negocio debemos traer suficientes personas para encontrar los que van a hacerlo seriamente. Y luego debemos trabajar con esos serios, para desarrollar profundidad debajo de ellos.

    Entonces, para ustedes que ya llevan tiempo, ¿cómo sabemos si sus sueños son suficientemente grandes? Creo que también es muy facil de saber. Debes tener al menos cuatro líneas que estén trabajando activamente en el negocio. Si no las tienes, entonces tu sueño tampoco es lo suficientemente grande.

    Porque si lo fuera, habrias hablado con más personas, habrías hablado con más personas precalificadas, o habrías mantenido más personas serias en el equipo.

    Entonces, basados en mis criterios, ¿es tu sueño lo suficientemente grande? ¿Estás de acuerdo con mis definiciones o quieres discutir conmigo y decirme que tu sueño es muy grande, pero hay circunstancias especiales que te absolven? Dejame saber que piensas escribiendo tus opiniones debajo. Entonces, en el próximo mensaje hablaremos de cómo crecer tus sueños.


  20. I was asked to finish this statement “You know when the dream is big enough when……____________.” I wrote that, for me, I know it when I take action and I’m not afraid to do so. I think that we do make excuses and we quit before we can actually see the results. I was already at 40 recruits in one of businesses I promote and then all of a sudden I lost interest. The product is good. It was just me, I stopped. Was already making about $100 per month then it started going down. I’m down to about $20 now. I failed to keep up with my clients about the product and how important it is to continue taking it. I failed in following up with my clients. Big no no!!! I guess my dream was not big enough in this situation.

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