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So I’m on another 12-hour plane ride, heading to Munich, where I’ll connect to another short segment to Prague.  That puts me at about 40 hours of flying this trip, which is a little more than half of the tour I’m on.  So that got me thinking about travel and working with long-distance lines.

Now you certainly don’t have to log the kind of miles I do.  But if you’re serious about the business, you need to be working in depth, and that’s going to mean some long distance lines.

If you’re committed to becoming a leader, you should be traveling at least a day or two a month, taprooting down the group.  As you move up the ranks, that number should grow.

Now for many of you, even the first level of one or two days a month is going to be a challenge, because you’ve got a day job you need to report to.  But if you want to leave your day job, you need to make that sacrifice at some point.

Are you making that sacrifice?


21 thoughts on “Working Long Distance

  1. And add to that Randy, your growth dictates where you have to travel to. You never know where you’re going to have to travel to do your next home meeting. Keep up the good work Gage!

  2. I am staying on o farm far from everything. The only way I can built my business is over long distances. I need lots of advice, tips and support please!

  3. Randy:

    When you are helping a group in a foreign country,do you already have someone in that country that you already sponsor or do you look for someone not in your circle when traveling to that country?
    Another way–Let’s say you want to build a leg in Sweden,would you go to Sweden or would sponsor someone that knows Swedes?How do you find that person?

  4. Hey Randy,

    I recommend yoy to buy a private light plane, because you fly many hours, many times.I saw in one video of Eric Worre his private airplane, and i think that you also need one for your own.

    1. I fly private sometimes. But most of my trips are overseas so that makes leasing or owning a jet impractical. It would be about $200,000 a trip, versus a $20,000 or $25,000 ticket. And the private planes fly slower and most don’t have the range to travel 15 or 118 hours.


      1. And you don’t meet new people. Of course Randy, you don’t need to do so, for your biz. But is nice know a new person and their lives. Because maybe they need what you have and you can help them. Don’t you think? I think it is nice.

  5. For 9 months I have traveled almost 2000km every 14 days and it took my business to a level that I never dream was possible.

    The nice part is my wife join me most of the time and we are best friends after 25 years of marriage.

    This business is awesome!!

  6. I love traveling, and this kind of sacrifice is minimal and calculate as part of job.

    But Randy , am sitting at Prague not so far from For Season hotel , and don`t know about your Prague mission.

    Could i meet to you , shake hands and personally thank for showing new light in my life ?

    Vaclav – Prague

  7. Hey Randy I know your thoughts on Social Networking, keeping it real making friends as you would in person … And I am following this formula do you think the hard core SN will crash and burn I still think people like the feeling of being part of something and community having real human inter reactions, I was always told when EVERYONE is doing one thing its time to get out and do another thing ….. Any thoughts ??

    1. I think social media will continue to be useful for meeting people and developing relationships. But the MLM Morons who keep spamming people are hurting it greatly.


  8. Great idea, but at the moment running a full time day job (self- slavery!). I intend to link up with my brothers back home but have been rather slow. Thanks for the reminder. Merab

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