Being the Best Leader

We talk a lot about leadership here.  Because that’s the most important element in growing a strong team.  You can’t manage people.  You lead people and manage things.  So how can you be a better leader?

Two things jump to mind.  First is model the behavior you want your team to do.  Sounds simple enough.  But are you really doing it?

Or have you sponsored a few people and are now trying to manage them to success?

And secondly, after you model the behavior, are you a good teacher and showing people how to duplicate the process?  I believe there are only two things you can say to your team to really help them and be in integrity.

Don’t experiment on them.  Don’t ask them to test out new theories.  Your role is to go first, discover the best practices and send them down the group.  So the two things you can say are:

1)   This is what I did; do this.

2)   This is what I’m doing; do this.

So how you doing on that?


21 thoughts on “Being the Best Leader

  1. Thanks Randy,

    This is a benchmark i use to measure myself in regards to setting an example. It can be easy to forget what we look like in the mirror and expect our team to do things we aren’t really doing ourselves. I know i’ve been there before and had to check myself again.

  2. *** Good point. Not manage people, hold yourself as your word and stay in integrity
    I will surely apply this cause the way I been tought up to now seems offtrack***

  3. Very often they say that distributors are like children to their sponsor. And in the family parents teach their children not with words but doing certain things. The best way of bringing up children is to do certain things not to teach them. The same is in MLM business. Be careful!!! Bad things are duplicated faster than good things.

    1. So true, what a great analogy! Yes we often fuss over them & Molly coddle them. We need to lead by example and they will follow if they want to!

  4. Before you can lead you have to have followers. This is an all volunteer program AND they can quit any time they choose. If you enroll people who have always done it their way, know what they want to do and refuse to work the system… you won’t have anyone following you. You picked them right?!

  5. Right Randy, just in point!
    We have the impulse to complicate the thinks in order to have a smarter appearance and to give food to our vanity.
    Duplication is the way ….

  6. Greetings Randy,

    Great Post of Course.

    Never ask your team members to do something you haven’t already done or are doing.

    How to do you become a Leader? Show that you care more about them than they do. You Earn the respect of your team before you can lead them.

    Think of how a successful football team works – There is only ONE person in the huddle that is speaking- The QB, He speaks because his teammates KNOW He knows the plays and how to carry the play out with confidence. Each member of the team has a certain task to carryout in order for the play to work successfully.

    How do you know your being an effective leader? If when you turn around there are people there following you………

    Say what you DO, DO what you say.

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  7. Thanks, Randy. Thank you for your commitment!
    So, my questions are:
    1. What does that look like, alone and around others?
    2. What do you see when you’re “leading”?
    3. What’s your mindset?
    4. What’s your mindset toward not-currently-productive associates in addition to
    attracting new. productive associates?


    1. It looks like total congruency. You only recommend actions that have worked successfully. You see who is committed and follows the behavior you model. The ones that don’t, you love them and let them grow. It is their business and they have to make the decision to move forward.


  8. Hey Randy
    Aleader is one who go in a new path, and motivate his team to follow him, he is the first one, and he can teach and show his team the best way to get to the goal,purpose

  9. Thank RG,

    This shows us that we are the determinants our teams productivity. If you want your team team to sponsor alot, start yourself by seeting a benchmark likewise in selling and any other quality you want in your team.

    It reminds me to do more of it.

  10. Thank you. Though chellenging good leadership keeps them with you. At times feel discouraged when some relax or drop off,”a bad original making bad copies”
    I will keep on trying.

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