When the Timing is Right

I had a conversation with one of my team members last week about timing.  She was explaining to me the distractions she had to clear up before she could get serious about building the business again.  

Naturally I was empathetic, loving and supportive, listening to her issues.  Then I told her to get off her ass and get to work!

Here’s the thing you have to understand…

EVERYONE has issues.  Everyone has distractions.  Everyone is busy and everyone has life issues that would get in the way if we let them

I promise you this:  Talk to any of the most successful distributors in your company or any company and they will tell you the same thing.  They had issues…

Elderly parents they were care givers for.  Marriage challenges.  Diseases, car accidents, and natural disasters.  Death of loved ones and health challenges of their own.  They didn’t build the business because they didn’t have challenges.  They built the business in spite of those challenges.

Yes there is a “good time” to build the business.  But you need to understand that good time is “now.”

Do you really get that?


16 thoughts on “When the Timing is Right

  1. You are so right on Randy. There are tons of things that will keep us from getting started and going in building our network marketing business.

    You just have to be committed to do it no matter what. You have to learn how to work around those things. Set up a schedule and stick to it, even if it is just for an hour a day. That Nike slogan comes quickly to mind….Just Do It!

  2. Jeeesh – what sort of team member would EVER say that to YOU????!!!

    I do have a question about this – cos if someone does the business when it’s not right and aligned then the issues sabotage the way forward… So if in a sense their efforts become futile because all they are is killed off.

    But if they operate from a place of purpose, intention, strength, things aligned and right – then they’ll achieve greater success cos things would be in the zone, flowing and inspired energy creating… rather than things being like maize or brick wall…

    For example – I was prospecting someone two days ago who asked that I call after the 15th when she’d got her taxes in, as she was interested but needed to clear her plate before she even looked.

    Surely that’s a better strategy than doing something half heartedly without success, then clearing things so that you have yoru full attention and energy to focus?

  3. Who would EVER argue with RG?



    And -I’d like to know what palce intuition, alignment and being the zone have?

    If someone has things cleared out – ready aligned, then they can flow.

    Two days ago I was prospecting someone and she said to call back on the 15th when things were clearer so she could focus… Then if she wanted to change things, she could move forward…

    1. Yes it’s nice when things are perfect. But sometimes you have to just suck it up and get into action. Like this morning I was sick and went to my two ball games anyway. I actually played quite well. But I had to will myself to do it.


      1. RG – tho what about that blog post you wrote about playing in the tournament, then dashing off the other side of the world… and then getting seriously ill for 2 weeks because you had done too much and not been balanced…

        What about honouring yourself and your well being and trusting your intuitiuon?


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