Time to Act!

The world has never needed what we have to offer more at any time than right now.  It’s time to get busy!

That is why I publish this blog.  To give you a “safe space” where you can learn, grow, and share along with other thought leaders in the profession.

When I make a post, you can count on the fact that it’s not abstract theories or suggested experiments.  What you’ll find here is the real-world system I have developed over 20 years and used personally to create a huge worldwide network of distributors that has produced literally billions of dollars in sales for my team and my proteges.

You can cut many years off your growth curve and develop your own network much faster than you’ve ever been able to before. You’ll learn effective techniques for meeting people, inviting and presenting.  Lots of belief-building posts.  And even more columns on the leadership part of the equation.

You don’t grow your network. You grow your people—and they grow your group.

My hope is that you’ll view Network Marketing as the professional career it has become and will lock arms with me to continue raising the standards of this empowering business.

Unlike the corporate world—with its downsizing and rat-eat-rat competition—Network Marketing offers you the opportunity to nurture and empower the inherent talents in all those you sponsor. In this business, success means the chance to develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and financially – all while you contribute in a positive way to others.

As you undertake this journey of challenge, adventure, and growth, you will attract others who share your vision and follow your example. You will lead them for a short time, then release them as they unfold into leaders and start the process all over again. You will feel pride, joy, and a sense of accomplishment few ever experience. You will know that what you do means something—and that your community is a little bit better place because you have contributed.

Building a large, exponentially growing network is not easy—it’s not supposed to be. It is simple, however. If you are open to being coached, learn some skills, and don’t give up – you can achieve abundant and lasting success in Network Marketing.

And that’s really all I wanted to tell you this week…

That you really can do this. 

Work your business consistently.  Set aside at least ten hours a week.  Concentrate on “rain maker” activities, which include meeting people, getting them in front of presentations, and follow up.  Feed your mind positive programming so you stay motivated.

The world needs what we have to offer.  And the candidates on your candidate list need you to bring it to them.  Now let’s get to work!




23 thoughts on “Time to Act!

  1. SO TRUE!

    Helping others to make and have a better lifestyle, and be paid to do that ~ there is no industry better than this one!

    Thanks for the fantastic reminder Randy.

  2. Amen Randy,
    I have taken on the challenge. Been in the industry over a year.

    Developing my website, making all the crucial beginners mistakes and I am still arround and ready to make it 🙂

    It takes time and perciverance and the ongoing education called live…

    What a journey 🙂


  3. Great reminder Randy! Need 2 get busy helping my team members achieve their goals in a way achieve mine. Thanks 4 ur guidance.

  4. Great post as usual my universal mentor. I have a question for you sir:

    ” can a network marketing company that uses a ladderstep system survive without sales or recruitment quotas?”

  5. Hey Randy,

    Yor post is inspiring and give us more motivation.MLM is best solution to
    recover the bad economic situation,so “The world needs what we have to offer”.

  6. thanks for the post and all other write ups you have been sending to me they are helpful and innerspring thanks a lot

  7. Thanks Randy, you are an eye opener. In most instances we focus on growing the business exponentially rather than developing a person to lead. Network marketing profession had a great influence in my University’s qualification and or profession

  8. Concise and to the point. Great little article and so correct – with all the uncertainty and turmoil in economies all over the world, now really is the time when more eople than ever need to be introduced to Network Marketing, and I’m going to do my best to reach as many of them as possible.

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