The Real Opportunity

I tell seminar audiences I joined the business for three reasons:

1)    To make money
2)    To make money
3)    To make money

And that’s the truth.  Man I was so sick of being poor, and so desperate to become rich.  But unfortunately the approach I brought to the business was looking at everyone as a means to get me rich.

I had no concerns for what was best for them, or what I could do to help their reach their own dreams.  And that showed, which was why no one would join in my early days, and if they did, why they would quickly drop out.

My frustration drove me to personal development.  And working on me.  Which is when the real breakthroughs started.

So yes I’ve made millions of dollars, earned a lot of free bonus cars, trips and awards.  Today I am free.   But that’s not the real opportunity of our business.

The real opportunity is you.  And who you can become.  Enjoy the journey!


22 thoughts on “The Real Opportunity

  1. I am totally agree with that. I can´t wait to see you tomorrow here in my country Randy! I am so tired watching my bills.. but I know that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel.

  2. Rock n’ Roll Randy. You’re a great leader and a true inspiration to anyone in the industry who has a dream and the work ethic to back it up.

    I appreciate you my friend,


  3. Hey Randy, every single thing you said in this post really resonates within my soul. From being so desperate to get rich, not caring about the outcome of prospects, to the person that you will become. I credit Network Marketing for changing my entire paradigm of how I saw the world, and of my infinite potential!

  4. So rather than big biz, small biz or product user… pay money pay money pay money ha ha.

    Thank goodness you got your act together to lead with value or I would never have come across you all those years ago. I might not even have learned about real duplication!

  5. Very true. Network marketing is a real “gut check”. It’s a brutal business with a lot of “no’s” and explaining. How come people don’t want to take a small risk (joining an MLM company), but they’ll stay unhappy and broke? I don’t get that!

  6. I left the Pharmaceutical industry because I was stuck in a position and I wanted more. I wanted to be a district manager. I left that to prove to myself that I am too a manager and I will show them. I did earn a manager level 15 months later in my mlm company, but what I found out was that meaningful life was not about managing, it was about leading. Its learning how much more there is to learn about the world and my contribution to it. For the first time I learned about myself, and very quickly too.
    Most everything we do in school, in work and in life is governed by paramaters of expected behavior. Talk about stifling creativity, and the human spirit! The breakdown of traditional business (jobs for life) is a good thing, because now we have to think for ourselves and when we do that we start to get better. Instead of advancing on how well you take orders or doing all the defined “right things”, we are learning that in order to advance in life you must act in a way that contributes to the masses with value. Then we are really growing. What a new a wonderful existence that becomes!

  7. You are absolutely right Randy. This business allows you to become a better person and grow.

    Instead of being stuck in that rut called life and stuck in front of that automatic income stealer called a TV, we can learn from mentors like you.

    We can grow, develop and expand who we are as a whole, and be a benefit to this world of ours instead of just taking away from it. Genesis 12:2 says that we are blessed to be a blessing to others.

    Thanks Randy

  8. Twice each month I read a series of quotes that have always motivated and excited me. This morning I saw what calls me into being and action. Maybe passion is required for some to move. There is both the stick and the carrot version too, but I have to have a reason for generating the passion. Passion and a reason brought me here and the same will allow me to spend weeks away as you do. Until this morning the thought of your travel schedule was in the category of Endure. Like, let someone else do it but because the plan requires I step out from paradise I needed to create/recreate my reason.

    We need a reason. At least ONE that points to what we are doing this for and one that others can understand or relate to as well. Something about not looking and acting crazy I suppose from our side of the eye balls. I could chain myself by what others may think but what I think of me is all that matters.

    Something I know about myself is I enjoy sharing what I have. Tasting a great meal with others is a kind of bliss compared to having the same great meal all alone. Group memories resonate in a way no solitary life ever can. We all need dreams and support in having our dreams come true and sometimes we need to know they are possible. You are someone that does that for people Randy.

    I know what you do and I have to admit I would not do what you do for the money. While I will not refuse it I have had to find my pull, what I will stretch for. I have used my idyllic abode as an excuse, while I study and effort, holding it as and either or kind of situation. Having found my version of paradise ‘going for the gold’ has occurred like punishment.

    “Security” [holding on to what we have] “is mostly superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger” [or any other thing we use as an excuse to stay home] “is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller

    To the adventure, here I come.

  9. -RG,

    Yep, network marketing is one of the few industries that your success directly reflects who you are and becoming.

    It will teach you the Laws of Reciprocity.


  10. Hey Randy Gage.

    You are a leader for your organization, and you gove much value to the people.
    you became a very rich man, because you gave so much help and values to
    your nich in the networking.
    ” There is no magic formula to getting rich.
    Success in any wealth-building or business opportunity can
    only be achieved through proper and rigorous research, and
    plain, old-fashioned hard work. ”

    there is light at the end of this dark tunnel

  11. You are right-on Randy! When I first started I thought the personal development idea was a bunch of baloney – but ohhh I have learned and I am so glad I got involved in this business and “have seen the light.” I am becoming a better person every day and it feels great!

    I personally want to thank you Randy because it was your Dynamic Development series that got me started.

    ~ Dorene Pierceall 🙂

  12. I join for the same reason and I only have 1 year in this industry, but already feel like a winner I am still not making thousands of dollars but in personal growth I feel I am already winning, my menthality has changed so much thanks to these guy.

    Thank you Randy, I am enjoying the journey!


    (Spanish) Yo me involucre en MLM por la misma razon solo tengo 1 año pero ya me siento como un ganador, no estoy ganando los miles de dolares pero mi desarrollo personal ha sido espectacular, ya estoy ganando mucho, mi mentalidad ha cambiado mucho gracias a este señor.

    Muchas Gracias Randy, Ya estoy disfrutando el camino!


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