The Magic of Callable Names

Last post we discussed the predictable percentages in recruiting.  And of course they all feed off the first step of inviting.  But what does that feed off?

The answer is callable names.

Having a living, breathing candidate list that you are adding to all the time is the key.  Crying that you don’t know that many people is a great excuse.  But it’s still an excuse and it will keep you broke.

Want to be mega successful?  Want to win those free bonus cars, trips and other awards?  Develop the skill set of meeting people.  Once you can meet people, you’ll never run out of callable names, because millions of people are looking for what you can offer them.

So how you doing on that?


19 thoughts on “The Magic of Callable Names

  1. I do meet many, I go to business mixers. Although, I’m not getting those people to sign up. I won’t let that stop me!

  2. Hi mr Randy G. xubava tema.Mislia che kontakta s xorata e mnogo vajen moment v MLM mreja i e edin ot nachinite za namirane na badesti distributori,mnogo prilojim i rezultaten… s uvajenie from greece

  3. I have a living, breathing of candidates list and every week I add new people to it. It is impossible to add new people to it every day on consistent basis. that is my opinion.

  4. hey randy,
    i try to be as social as possible. i go to meetings, parties, etc. and try to engage in a conversation, and really listen to people. that gives me an idea of what situation they’re in and if they’re looking for something or not. after that i ask them for their card and add them to my list.

  5. Is it possible Mr. Gage, for Marketers to learn the art of “asking” better questions in lieu of telling, (face to face or on the phone), with conversational skills that focus on the prospect first? Maybe marketers could experience better connecting skills with prospects.
    Then, marketers could work phone leads and never run out of prospects. What do you think? Michael Oliver’s book seems to provide the hands on, “how to”.

  6. That is so true Randy. Having more leads(callable names) than you can handle is the key to network marketing. Having an abundance mentality helps you get past that excuse of not having anyone to share your business with. Meeting new people and learning to market for hot fresh leads is crucial to growing your MLM business.

  7. Somewhere along the line, after living in 10 states in the US, visiting another 20 often and having lived in 4 countries, meeting people is realizing everyone is pretty much the same. Smiling works and all the other friendly gestures are universal. When you meet someone, even on line, if you tell them something about them you find interesting or that you like the rest is connecting the dots.

  8. We had a local motivational speaker come speak at our leads group today. Prior to the event I spent hours e-mailing and calling the people I had collected businesss cards from to invite them as a guest to the lunch. I offered them something of value. I offered them a chance to network with 30 business professionals and hand out their cards. I got 12 people committed and 6 showed up. It was a great luncheon! Ms. Jonna Johnson was a great speaker! My guests got value. Now I will call them all back next week and ask them to meet with me about an opportunity to develop another income. This is one way I was able to connect with a bunch of people that I really did not know well.

  9. Randy, earlier you told us that in Network Marketing you should make your prospects Believe you, Like you and Trust you (BLT). Having a living and breathing list is quite easy for me, I can get at least 2 new names everyday. But then I have difficulties following up. I experienced this: I called 100 new names in 1 week, told them I have an amazing business and then asked them if they were interested to know more about it. Most of them said yes and took the first look, but among 100 names, no one joined the business with me. I found that it’s hard for people to join the business with a totally strange guy. So later on I changed my approach, I build relationships with people first to get BLT. It works, but it takes me so long to turn cold market into warm market. I want mega success and this time I need more G1 than ever. Any advices? Thanks,


    1. Hi Randy,

      Thuy made a good point here.

      He made a major blast of 100 people in 1 week but did not get the traction he needed. So now he is slowing down to build relationship and defer his major blast.

      Does this mean that new recruits will have to defer their major blasts until they have at least 200 callable names?

  10. Use, share the results and the dreams/style of life you have fulfilled, meanwhile make relationships, and when people are ready for what you offer them, they will come themselves! best wishes and success to all, Rumi

  11. I am not involved in network marketing, although i have often thought of taking the plunge. One of my concerns is not knowing enough people (I’m sort of an introvert), which you have addressed in this post.

    I suppose I could make an effort to meet more people, but I have another concern regarding that. Where I come from (Malaysia), network marketers don’t exactly have a sparkling reputation and many view them with disdain (just another pesky salesman). As a result, many people whom network marketers (NMs) have approached and have been given the sales pitch, more often than not try to alienate themselves from the NMs. I myself have been approached several times by NMs and have been turned off. I do not want to lose friends, family, colleagues because of this. Do you have a solution?

  12. Hey Randy Gage.

    when someone wants to be a good networker, he has to divelope the skills of
    communicating with othrers people. The fetst level of diveloping the ability of
    connecting the people is to listin to them and ask qwestions.
    In the book of ” Michael Oliver, Natural Selling”,i learned that the way to get an effective Natural Selling, is to ask the prospets,lead qwestions, to be intersting
    in his needs as” if i was in his shoes”,is the best way to get the
    “The Magic of Callable Names”

  13. Hello Randy, thanks for that , but where are the best places to go to
    meet people to help build a good contact list

  14. Callable list is much easy when you have a relationship with the prospect. Get to know them and what they want out of life. After you gather the info and maintain a healthy relationship, introduce them to what you do.

  15. Well thank’s Randy,
    The first calls I used to do were like a bit scary… Now, I’m breathing deeply before doing so and having my most enthusiasmic voice just talking to them. Well, I’m starting to see the difference and becomming an expert in ‘cold’ calls… Just a question of practice and faith.
    Sure that we have something very valuable to share out there! Cheers!

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