Stand Up and Be Counted

So who’s your favorite trainer in Network Marketing?  Michael Clouse wants to know and he’s conducting a survey to see.  Now these types of polls are pretty subjective and are usually a popularity contest.

Or more accurately, usually a contest to see who does the best self-promotion, sending out emails begging for votes.  Michael is trying to do something a little more scientific.  He’s accepting votes, but that’s only one part of the criteria.

In addition, the trainers are rated by their peers, their website rating, whether they have authored MLM specific books, and if they have built a business themselves.

It’s an interesting discussion.  Do you discount someone because they haven’t actually built a business?  We all know there are some parasites that make their living selling to the MLM profession.  Yet there are others – Bob Burg comes to mind – that don’t build a business, yet still provide great value with their work.

I believe what he is really looking for is influence. What kind of impact the trainer makes on the profession.  So what do you think?   Please share your thoughts below, and then vote in Michael’s survey.

The results will be posted at the end of June.  In the meantime, cast you vote here.


46 thoughts on “Stand Up and Be Counted

  1. I’m not surprised at the outcome but I was surprised at the spread! There are other (many?) names that aren’t on the list. I wouldn’t have met who I now know if it weren’t for the professional way my sponsors treated me and the example they set, which I strive to emulate.

  2. Where’s Worre?

    If you ask me to do the survey 4 years ago, I would have chosen Tim Sales. But his system, in my opinion is very difficult to duplicate…. So now its (1) Randy, (2) Worre, (3) Schreiter in that order.

  3. Randy you’re blitzing the votes, mate. You didn’t have Gery Craig there.. Oh well, he’s my fave. Cheers mate.

  4. I can honestly say everything clicked when I started reading little books, listening to calls and reading posts by YOU RG. You ROCK !! Not suprised you have 48% of the vote LOL
    Have a blessed day !!

  5. When the student is ready the teacher appears. The size of the list is a small portion of the potential teachers we all have available. If someone’s way of being, of presenting doesn’t click with you, it doesn’t mean anything one way or another. Move on, put the shirt back on the rack because it wasn’t a good fit, and continue your search.

  6. Randy,
    That survey is flawed my friend. Two of my biggest influencers aren’t even on there.

    If you are speaking about new school network marketing there are two names that stand head and shoulders above the pack in a major way. They are none other than my friends Jonathan Budd & Katie Freiling.

    These two trainers, teachers, friends are absolute masters in social media marketing and blogging. They are two of my personal greatest influencers.

    Keep rockin,

  7. -RG,

    I’m having trouble voting for my favorite. Not to blow sunshine up your back side but you are one of them. But also is Burg, Sales,Fogg, and Brown.

    Each of you have a unique teaching/mentoring style that I can learn from.

    For the poll I’m not much help.


  8. I think Tim Sales stuff is awesome, but I agree, most people would not spend the money; study his stuff; and be able to duplicate. I like Big Al.

  9. Isn’t this one of the problems with our attempt to change the perception of the industry? A pissing contest ripe for manipulation. I’m a professional screenwriter and independant film producer, along with professional network marketer (recent conversion from amateur) and have a library full of books about all three professions. And I will continue to buy and read more, talk to other professionals, and check out blogs and whatever else offers knowledge. Everyone has a different ‘voice’ and every voice resonates differently with different people. I’ve learned different things from most of the names on the list and think it’s a disservice to them and us to single out one person. Who decides and under what criteria? And what if the ‘winner’ is not the one I learned from that triggered me and my business on the road to riches? Thanks Randy, for all you’ve done and do!

  10. Not sure who all the others are on the list and who is building a business/adding value or not but the thing I like about you Randy is that you teach from real life experience and real life success. You can’t put a price on that!

  11. The person who influences me the most is Eric Worre. I’m surprised his name isn’t there. I watch his clips every day and implement what I learn.

    1. Tout à fait d’accord avec vous Carlos, lorsque j’entends Randy Gage, j’entends Eric Worre, ce sont des mentors qui vont de pair et pour moi, bien sûr que Eric Worre doit venir compléter cette liste.

  12. Eric Worre is my first choice ! He always surprises with new very useful ideas, and I am never tired to watch his videos.

    My second choice is Randy Gage !

    All the others contribute something from time to time but most of them give you a feeling they want to sell more than to teach !

  13. Randy, I own almost every book and CD training from ALL of the industry trainers. It’s your book and Duplication Nation CD set that I first share with my team members…. along with your 1st Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell. I’ve got to say, you are #1 in my world.

  14. wow! I do not know every in that list but I know some. Jordan Adler is the LESS commercial one. He never get credit for it or make any products to sell. He wrote the amazing book “Beach Money” and all the profits goes to a benefit foundation.

    Jordan Adler is such a great inspitarion and great mentor!!!

  15. Randy, your survey makes more obvious the current problem in our industry of identifying REAL, HONEST TO GOODNESS qualified trainer. There is no certification or other measuring protocol to distinguish the self proclaimed from the real, genuine, and effective trainer. I applaud Network Marketing Times for venturing out and establishing the University. At least in time this will have a sorting effect just from the distinguishing features of the degrees they will issue. For now, you – and everyone who does the same – are conducting polls that collect personal preferences (popularity contests). It is obviously possible for the results to reflect competence or that trainers effectiveness, but who would know since we have not established the criteria to limit the “self-proclaimed” from entering the arena? I think your survey is interesting – but, I ask do you know each who is claiming to be a qualified trainer? Do you have a method of measuring among them to determine the quality of their service?
    What I see are 100’s of self-proclaimed gurus who primarily use fear to extract a price for their latest system, or “secret.” To me these are charlatans who need to be weeded off the internet by better informed participants who will refuse to buy into their mess.
    Thanks for asking, Richard

  16. I think all of the trainers are good. I too like Eric Worre, however since he isn’t on the list he’s not relevant for this discussion. I feel like the thing that we all seek to learn is prospecting, and with that being said I don’t think that any trainer listed has created more material on the subject than Todd Falcone. My second favorite is Big Al because he also has alot of prospecting material. I personally have to go with Todd because outside of telling you what to say he also let’s you hear him in action on live dials. Not many on the list have done that.

  17. Hey Randy Gage,

    I didn’t recognise all the big names of the MLM trainesr which you have in the USA,because there are some of them that not all the world hear about them.
    Ivotet for Jim Sales, because he gave great values by videos in You Tube.
    Mark Yarnel for his good book about MLM,which was transleted to some languages.They forgot Eric Wory, Ann Sieg ,Mike Klingler,Mike Dillard. Eban Pagen,
    and much more MLM trainer.

  18. The survey may make sense if it were developed in two stages. First a collection of the guru’s. This would be a request of people to submit a list of their favorite trainers who have certain criteria. Second make a list of the top 50 trainers who had been submitted with the most votes.

    I think of three names missing from the list. Eric Worre, Mike Dillard and if you consider One Team Global as the marketing arm of Nathan Ricks, he too should be on the list.

    Thank you Randy for the Manifesto that demonstrates your desire to clean up the industry.

  19. The best trainer…is the one that helps YOU! Just having material to sell does not make a tariner. Texas Teddy

  20. Jordan Adler has helped me more than any single trainer to get to the top
    in my business. If you read Beach Money you will see why he is the best –
    He keeps it simple and duplicatable. He is my mlm hero.

  21. I guess it really depends on what your definition is of a ‘network marketing trainer.’

    There are some mentioned in the above comments that I see more as internet marketers who happen to be in the mlm niche.

    There are some on the survey list that are top income earners, but not necessarily someone I would consider a trainer.

    And there are definitely some great female trainers (who are top income earners AND who do have generic training materials available) that aren’t even mentioned.

  22. Randy
    You make everything clear to me. I do not want to get bogged down on what to do. I need to be challenged to change my thinking. That is what you do for me. Then I go learn what to do with confidence to get ahead. thanks

  23. Yes, generally spoken, people who only teach, but aren’t able to do the business, to create a large down line, in my opinion are suspected…;-). On which basis they can speak?


  24. That’s easy! TRACY BILLER! He cuts through all the crap and gets to the point without charging you thousands in the process. Plus, his leads are targeted! 😉

  25. Without a doubt I believe some of the best industry trainers are Ed Bestoso , Kim Cherveny , Eric Adelman , & of course You & Eric Worre .

    I don’t believe everyone whose written books are necessarily the best trainers.

    Just as the best Dr’s aren’t on TV . The ones with shows just know how to get media exposure & leverage perceived value.

    In my opinion only those that have built significant downlines are qualified to be considered “Master Trainers” . . .though the truth is we never build those by ourselves it takes a few of the “right” leaders working in con cert to make that happen.

  26. There are good trainers missing (e.g. Dani Johnson) and trainers that really aren’t trainers (more like marketers) on that list. Although most of them are very solid trainers and highly respected.

  27. for me it’s Mark Yarnell, Tim Sales, You (Randy Gage), Eric Worre, Randy Ward and of course myself (Greg Hartmann). Basically the people that promote the cold hard facts of what it takes to build a legitimate, long-term MLM business.

    🙂 Greg

  28. My ALL TIME favorite is Zig Ziglar! Michael Clouse says he’s not MLM but regardless-he’s the BEST in my book! Why? He’s sooo funny and genuine. He doesn’t holler and scream at you. Zig tells the best and most memorable stories of anyone I know. It’s sooo easy to remember what he teaches-even in your sleep! (smile) I love him and he gets MY vote for ALL TIME best Sales Trainer! Thanks Zig!

  29. well without a doubt you are my favorite trainer, but, I don’t support the contest fully; even though I am not familier with all the contestants, they all make some sort of contribution to the development of this magnificent business. personally I believe that in every comparison, there is always somebody Great and somebody not so great; what’s the point?

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