Growing Your Group

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  1. The main fuel to speed our progress is our stock of knowledge, and the brake is our lack of imagination. The ultimate resource is people – skilled, spirited, and hopeful people… -from the Ultimate Resource by Julian Simon

  2. HI Randy! I started reading this blog some days ago.I am in the same company like you.I cannot support the way they are developing it in my country.I have to make a choise here:
    *Continue with that company and try to do it by myself which is not at all what I want but I just LOVE the products.
    *Continue in the way they do and try to duplicate it down to my downline even if I can´t support it and hope they will because then I can make money on them which seams crazy…
    *See it as I have to accept it as the firstline did it(WHO IS SPONSORED BY YOU!!!CAN`T BELIEVE IT)and follow her system which I think is almost dangerous
    *Go and find another company, realize that I have wasted like the only loan I could take and find one much cheaper to start with.

    Well well……I don´t know.Any advice?I will follow you here for a while and see if a bright idea comes up!
    Love your posts and trust you of course fully

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