Sell Your Certainty

It’s 4:30 am in Prague. I should be sound asleep, resting to present to 1,500 people tomorrow. Instead I’m on California time, so after laying awake for two hours, I got up to write you. On a very important subject: How you breakthrough and reach new ranks.

I was sitting next to one of my leaders at dinner earlier tonight, discussing someone on the team, who has potential, but hasn’t broke out yet. My leader said something very telling when discussing this person. She said, “He talks a lot. But he never asks questions.” And she’s right.

The person in question has tremendous upside potential. Talent. Hard work. Commitment. But he’s not coachable, because even though he’s at a low rank, he considers himself an expert in the business. He has trouble understanding why someone so smart like him isn’t breaking ranks. It is his certainty that holds him back.

So what about you?

Are you talking or listening, preaching or learning? Sell your certainty and buy curiosity. Or even confusion.  Because from that confusion can come the learning moment that is your next breakthrough.


11 thoughts on “Sell Your Certainty

  1. one thing we should be certain about is that if we aren’t where we feel we should be then there’s something we’ve yet to learn. I really like this post. And good to hear from you through this channel.

  2. Great article hit me like a left hand hook that I didn’t see coming. Thanks I will keep this in front of me.

  3. Great article Randy,

    It’s true that it’s important to be coachable, ask questions etc…But I also think that it’s the right of every person to make their own mistakes.

    Success is a series of failures, so let the person fail till he succeeds. I this day and age, since we are obsessed with immediate results it’s difficult to explore other ways without being branded as arrogant know-it-all not coachable.

    Do you want creative leaders or followers? If you are 100 percent coachable aren’t you robbing yourself of the experience of being a failure and learning from mistakes?

    I would ask that person:

    “why are you doing what you are doing? Explain it to me!”

    I would listen, nod and say:

    “ok but do it faster, fail or succeed faster.” If you feel strongly about this do it!!

    I think it’s important to be coachable at the begining though, learn the basics then it’s your responsability and be a creative force even if you’re wrong.

    Keep it up with the articles Randy, great read.

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