Impress Me with Your Duplication

We like to say that success in MLM is about your list.  That’s true, but probably not in the way you think.  Because the objective here is not to have a big LIST, but to have a big TEAM.

So don’t try and impress me with your 857-name prospect list. Impress me with your duplication.

We want to get people on the list and off the list, as quickly as possible.  So you keep advancing: step one, step two, step three – giving them more information each time until they finally say ‘stop,’ or join.  And with today’s short attention spans, you want each step to be within 24-48 each.

My take is we give the prospect enough information until they have enough to make the right decision for them.  Whether that is to join, become a customer, or decline altogether is the correct answer.  The key is we want them to do this as FAST as possible. That way, if they join we get them through the new member orientation and start driving depth. And if they don’t join, we thank them and move on to the next prospect.

Remember, prospecting isn’t about building a big list, but building a big team. Now, move on to your next prospect…

– RG

9 thoughts on “Impress Me with Your Duplication

  1. Randy, we keep a big list of prospects to satisfy our inertia tendency. It gives us the satisfaction of holding on to something when the thing to do is to get rid of the suspects on the list.

    Thank for the post

  2. It’s true that we sometimes focus to much on having a big list but we never think of making it shorter and move on.

    I thought it was really interesting what you said, made me think.

    I liked also what Richard Bony said about inertia. It’s true that it can give you the illusion that you are doing something when not doing anything really for building a bigger team.

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