Mega-MLM Goes Live!

I’m excited to be about to start day one of Mega-MLM.  We have people from all over the world here and it’s going to be an amazing event.  I’ll keep you posted on how things go over the weekend.

Today’s segments begin with the leadership model, leading an all-volunteer army, the components of duplication, Hot Seats, managing the team, and group dynamics!


21 thoughts on “Mega-MLM Goes Live!

  1. Good luck Randy and wishing you an awesome event. I was going to attend but with MM7 under $400, I decided to attend that instead.


  2. Just went into the lunch break. We did some “Hot Seats” in the last session on the components of duplication. All three learned some specific areas they can work on to get better duplication down their team.


  3. 1st day just wound down. Lovin’ the info and can’t wait til tomorrow starts! The info really is setting us up to be able to take our businesses to the next level!

  4. Hey Rand,

    your international MLMer, so you got people from all over the world.
    It seems to me that this event going to be a great event.

    1. Yes we have people from all over. Day one went amazing.

      For day two, we’re going to go through the 9 dynamics affecting the mindset of all prospects, the “Hall of Shame,” which is the behavior styles that cause you to lose good people, when you should quit your job, how to develop financial mastery and actually create wealth, and how to build belief in your team.

      Then tonight our media sponsor, are providing everyone free tickets to the amazing Recycled Percussion show at the Tropicana.


      1. Hi Randy,
        Flying 27 hours to come see Mega-MLM has, to say the least, been worth it. You’ve been very expressive, communicating freely and frankly with simple but very practical examples that’s catapulted you to the very top of the “food chain”. Thanks Buddy. We’re going back to Africa with gallons of gasoline to “pour” on those “sparks”. Expect to hear news of a great Business-Forest fire, for which you should be held responsible. Cheers.

          1. So glad I could make Mega MLM. Twas an EXPERIENCE. Going back to Africa to drive my lines with the simple BASIC stuff.
            God Bless U Randy

  5. I am here at the Mega-MLM weekend and we have just finished two incredible days with Randy. I know tomorrow, our last day, will hold just as much value. I have learned so much that will propel me to the next level of leadership with my team.

    This event is being recorded. If you are a leader in your organization, I highly recommend that you invest in the CDs as soon as they are available.

  6. Okay coming down to the wire, last day today. First session is on the 7 critical skill sets you have to teach your team:

    The four basic skill sets everyone must know and then the three high-level skill sets for achievers. Then we’ll look at the ten most important areas for culture building and wrap up with the four levels of true leadership in Network Marketing.


  7. it is good to here from people who attended the event, I believe one day i will also make it to one of the great events.

  8. I wish I was there to hear you explain alot of issues and have a chance to ask you alot of questions as I am just in the process of building my network. God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing.

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