Go Get Some Rejection!

Interesting thing in the business.  When we are not in action, we can be thinking about positive outcomes and not worry about those nasty little details like things not working or getting rejected.  It’s when we’re actually doing something that we have to worry about bad things happening.

But if you freeze up trying to prevent bad things from happening – nothing good can happen either.

Want some good stuff to happen?  Go out and get some rejection.  Some doubt or even ridicule.  Because then you’re on the way to a breakthrough!


4 thoughts on “Go Get Some Rejection!

  1. Rejections are not necessarily a bad thing and once you realize that and realize that they DO NO represent failure, they become easier to handle.At that point you stop being afraid of them. If they are going to say NO, get to that as soon as possible because then you can move on to the next person.

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