Advice for Leaders

People ask me for advice all the time on how to be a better leader. I don’t have any advice. Stop aspiring to be a leader, stop training to become a leader, stop asking questions about becoming a leader, and start leading. If you’re leading someone, you’re a leader.

Lead like you don’t have the rent and the landlord is coming tomorrow. Lead like your prospects don’t have the rent and the landlord is coming tomorrow. Lead like your products are amazing and people really need them. Lead like your prospects have mortgages, car payments and credit card debt and are looking for a way out.

Please. Lead like you really believe in the business, your company and your products. Lead like you believe in the power of people. Just lead.


40 thoughts on “Advice for Leaders

  1. Muchas gracias por todo el conocimiento que me haces llegar!! La próxima semana tendré la fortuna de asistir a la conferencia que ofrecerás en Lima- Perú.

    Bienvenido a mi país y gracias nuevamente!

  2. I agree Randy. Lead with the mindset you want to duplicate your leadership within these people in your downline. Make sure they themselves become leaders.


  3. You’ve said all that there is to be said.Leadership to me is life style,courage,determination,living your life like God is watching and will hold you accountable for the people he’s placed under your influence.

  4. Many have have misconceptions as to what leadership is about.In Africa, you have to be the President,CEO,Chairman and so on to lead.This ought not to be.Leadership is character,beyond the nice and right things you do.Leadership is first taking responsibility for your life,love your self before you can love others.Be the BEST of who you are and,on top of it all,beyond strict adherence to rules and doctrines,allow GOD make you who he wants you to be.

  5. I totally agree with this mindset. I would also add that, as a leader, people are looking to you as an example. It’s so important to have confidence. If you walk forward confidently, people will want to follow you.

  6. Great comment Jeremy, Learning the reuriqed skills and helping others will build relationships, trust and future business partners. Your right, not everyone does need the opportunity or MLM products, once more distributors understand this, they will achieve more.

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  24. This is great song and I love the performance, the vocals, the quick & mean guitar solo in the middle along with all the cool changes, the way it was written ,every damn thing about it; my only problem with it is that it’s not “militant” enough; to say that single dad’s have been getting the short end of the stick in this country, is beyond an understatement; to add insult to injury,cowardly advertisers along with a gutless media keep portraying guys in way less than faltering ways.

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