Why Network Marketing?

Some have skepticism about Network Marketing.  Others see it as the last bastion left in the free enterprise system an average person can create wealth.  Just how real is the promise, and why does it work?

True economic freedom requires that you employ two basic prosperity principles:

1)   You must employ the concept of leverage, to escape the trading-time-for-money dilemma; and

2)   You must be able to look in the mirror every morning and know you’re talking to the boss.

When you put these two factors in play, manifesting prosperity is no longer a wild pipe dream, but something you can really accomplish.

When you take the entrepreneurial excitement of working for yourself and combine that with leveraging yourself through a network of other excited entrepreneurs—the results are exponentially spectacular. The synergistic process creates a whole that is much more powerful than its individual parts. Done properly, the end result of building your network is a self-perpetuating, residual income machine.

There are probably as many reasons to work the biz as there are distributors. Usually, though, it comes down to the kind of lifestyle networking can give you. Some of the unique benefits of this business include:

  • Choosing the people you work with;
  • Going into business with a small investment;
  • Starting part-time;
  • Working from home;
  • Low Risk;
  • Picking the hours you work;
  • Discovering unique products not available elsewhere;
  • Getting lucrative tax advantages;
  • Enjoying the opportunity for an unlimited income; and,
  • Having the chance to build your success while empowering others to succeed.

This complete benefit package simply isn’t available in any other business I know of.  It is unique to MLM.   So who can you tell about it today!

– RG

32 thoughts on “Why Network Marketing?

  1. Randy, just as you suggested in your book, I’ve called a family meeting scheduled for today at 1p. I will share my vision with them, with friends, with colleagues and lastly with total strangers. Network Marketing is the ##%%!! I am SOLD, not just on my company, the products, the comp plan, and the additional incentives, but more so on the business model known as NWM, MLM, Direct Sales, Internet Marketing, or whatever label one prefers.

  2. Network Marketing is becoming more excepted, but still new NWM prejudge and pick and choose who they want to tell. Many times I here “I have been in other things and my friends and family are tired of hearing it” I tell them “then stop being in everything and make this your last” Stopping and starting becomes a habit that needs to be broken to succeed”. So tell everyone about your opportunity and they will see it your eyes that you will win at this one. They may not join you but they will be watching you and many will join you later.

    The people around the globe are looking for what NWM will provide. YOU just need to be the person that shows them it at the right time in their life. Everyone goes through seasons in life your job is to catch them in the right season. NOW is the season of opportunity.
    Live well and prosper
    Chief inspiration Officer
    Vincent St.Louis

  3. Hey Randy,

    Network Marketing is becoming the fourth wave of rhe industry as we learn fom the book:Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century …
    In the ground-breaking Wave 3, Richard Poe revealed how the new world of computers has liberated network marketing from its humble beginnings to be a huge industry .

  4. Randy speaks the true and have been for years. Network Marketing time has been here for years. Now more and more people are seeing he need to come aboard the industry. Let network marketing be your retirement plan. You will love the income and the friendships you create worldwide.

  5. Yes, network marketing is definitely the way to go for entrepreneurs who don´t have enough cash to establish other types of businesses, and for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams by using a fairly simple, but effective tool. One of the hardest things that I have confronted in going at it with full power is fighting my inner nerd, that continuously gives me all sort of considerations as to why it wouldn´t work for me. NWM is already a SYSTEM; therefore, just allow yourself to follow a few basics -thousands before you have done it and they have the results to show. Tens of thousands resist and the they blame the system, instead of being truthful to themselves and recognizing they did not give it a FAIR and concientious try. Just a few ideas, hoping they are useful to some of you out there.

  6. Randy,,Randy,,Randy!!

    Its relatively impossible to talk at same time to all everyone I meet but whoever I am with at that moment has right to know and I find myself talking more than any other person during the day,, about benefits of being involved in MLM,, and only sleeping relieves me

    This post fully backs up what I have learnt since been involved in MLM. I’m greatful on the decision I took then,, thanks will contineu doing what is right to others

  7. Network Marketing is a great industry and the benefits you outline in your post make that clear. MLM is where ordinary people can do extra ordinary things.

  8. Too many people think of network marketing as a money game. It is actually just a way to pay people based on their performance, nothing more. If your involvement creates more sales for the company, you should be rewarded for it.

    Treat your business like a business and you will do fine. Sure, it’s hard work. But is there anything worth having in life that isn’t hard?

  9. Thanks a lot Randy for the inspiration , i really loved the way you wrote the article. I am a young Network Marketer from India and i am proud to be a part of it , the only thing which demotivates me is how people blame the system and call it fraud. how can i overcome it ?

  10. I appreciate all your information here. I am a newbie and am interested in learning more from what other marketer’s have to say about internet marketing online. I find the best information is by reading people’s blogs. Thanks for you info here.

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