Step Up and Take It Back

Here in the U.S., the election is just starting to heat up.  The Democrats think we need dozens of government agencies with tens of thousands of employees managing all aspects of our lives.   The Republicans want to police the bedroom and they seem to love starting wars around the world.  Between the two parties, we now have a 15 trillion dollar deficit. 

Of course similar scenarios are unfolding all over the world.  Many of the nations in Europe are in worse shape.  Several are virtually bankrupt.

The worst pyramid schemes are the governments themselves.  And their money games are reeking havoc on the economy.

But that is only good news for you…

Because the more economic uncertainty there is, the better Network Marketing does.  Don’t worry about the economy.

Create your own.  Because you’re in the perfect business to do just that.

Ain’t it great!

– RG

16 thoughts on “Step Up and Take It Back

  1. Small business is the driver of this economy. That is not enough. All of us need to pay attention to every elected official and when it is time to vote we must express our views by our vote on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without government interference.

  2. While I am pro network marketing, the reality is that there is substantial negativity towards this industry. If you doubt that, walk around your city and randomly ask people on their opinion of network marketing.

    Secondly, if a person has the funds to cover themselves for at least 2 years, network marketing makes sense. This is true of most any start-up. Here in the US, people who are unemployed are looking for an immediate income so they can save their home, etc.

    While network marketing is a great business model, it will work best under the right circumstances.

  3. Raymond
    April 23,2012 at 8:05 AM

    What ever the case may be, I believe that,one creating their
    own economy, is an absolute solution to this scenario.

    Network marketing allows for starting as part-time and later
    as full-time.


  4. Randy, sounds like Steve is still hoping, wishing, praying, and pulling for the #Washingtonfatkatz to somehow make it all right…. Good luck with that one…. I recently crossed the half century mark and my 50+ years of life, living and experience says “The calvary isn’t coming!” Our US government–for and by the people– was originally setup to serve not be served; nor for the people to sit around waiting to be served… As Jim Rohn said, ‘The problem wasn’t the Republicans or the Democrats or the taxes or the economy or my negative neighbors and relatives, but it was me… And once I discovered where the real problem lie, my whole life began to change”

  5. Many people are looking to start new business to earn extra money and network marketing is good way to start home business. There are many different ways to earn money. Thanks for sharing seven ways to make money online.

  6. i agree! great advice jedi master. Not to change the subject but in duplication nation you gave advice on how to do one on ones. in a recent interview you were against one on one presentations for the sake of duplication. use the tools! How did your company transitions from people using one ones or two on ones to finally just using 3rd party tools? does that create a future wherein the company is growing but nobody knows how to do live presentations anymore?

  7. Hey Randy,

    Network Marketing is the fourth wave of the economy,which it’s goal “to help entrepreneurs and businesses discover and expand markets for their services.[1] Often these waves operate concurrently (thus, overlapping), or within a single economic development plan.[2”]

  8. Who would have ever thought that one day “the common man” with a common amount of capital, with real sweat equity could create uncommon results ; so much so that they could become wealthy or financially free legally almost anywhere in the developed world. Amazing.

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