Overcoming Rejection

Funny how many times people let the fear of something prevent them from doing things.  Let’s think about this a little…

People tell me they get the pyramid objection, their friends won’t talk to them, they had someone get up and storm out at a meeting, etc.  Then I ask when exactly that happened, or did it just happen in their mind?

It’s amazing how often they then get a sheepish look and admit these things are fears they have, but haven’t really had happen.  Or happened back in the 80’s when they were working some frontend-loading deal.

I can’t even tell you how long its been since I’ve had a nasty rejection.  Haven’t had the pyramid objection in five years.  Haven’t had anyone storm out of a meeting for 15 years.  (And that only happened once out of at least 10,000 meetings!)

So how about you?  Are you facing serious rejection challenges – or are you making them up?

Don’t be so afraid to die that you forget to live.

27 thoughts on “Overcoming Rejection

  1. Most times rejection is made up by a lot of people due to pre conceived fear , but even thats the case,rejection can be handled with the proper mindset.This is what i believ rejection truly is .
    Its a means to be corrected ,to learn.

    Rejection & correction = Education & Acceleration
    So bottom line is learn from those rejections,Be bold
    Go out and get some more rejections

    1. Thanks a lot for the suggestion…..

      I am already had many rejection and was thinking what to do about that?

      I am gr8ful to you and RG!!!

  2. I get rejected every day, I present the oppertunity to anyone that will listen. If one don’t want it fine, I go to the next, I feel it’s not me that is rejected. one thing That I don’t do is chase people, I guess I did at first, Like at work.. It got to the point that I was being avoided, but I caught on and stopped, I feel that rejection is part of it, if we don’t get it somthing is wrong. some say yes,some say mabey, but a lot just flat out say no. No is a rejection..right?

  3. The sinlge most common rejection I get is on price. About half the time, after I explain the nm business model, they understand and everything’s good. I find the more inept people are about business, the more they are going to give that objection. JL

  4. I do have people disappearing Randy, like you said, they suddenly go into the witness program, lol. At the beginning that was hurting me a lot, now I am understanding it is not just part of their process, it is part of my growth, I guess with more experience my posture change more and more and those rejections are going to be out of the question… Actually, now that I am thinking, the last people that had rejected me haven’t totally dissapeared, they say no but are fine.

  5. Its real. People in our business build hypothetical fear around them that stops them to achieve any real success. More people fear rejections than being rejected actually. NM is not for the weak. Its important
    For facing any real success in this business you need courage. The real leader is not having a very big team or making much and much money. Its important to achieve but the real leader has a great quality engrossed in him. He can face challenges.
    Once you have the courage to find yourself in tough situations, its automatically duplicated by your team. If you dond fear rejections, your team duplicates it and after all a team is built by its character.
    So wanna have a great and strong team……Just have the courage in you and please dont fear but face actually…………….The man in front can either join you or not…………but he can never actually harm you or stop you from any real success…………..BUT YOU CAN STOP YOURSELF……….upon hearing him……..
    Thanks Randy…………

  6. Thanks for the reminder about the pitfalls of “making stuff up”.

    At the end of a seminar, a couple who came as my guest ran out the door the SECOND the seminar ended. They called me 2 days later to enroll with the distributor package and have built the largest group within my team, to date.

    Why did they leave so quickly? They were ravenous and needed to eat dinner right away!

  7. Hey Randy Gage.

    The reason of rejection could be lack of information, or misinformation.
    May be because of black propaganda of some people.
    When we get rejection, don;t push, be nice. If you can explain,
    “Rejection & correction = Education & Acceleration”, than it is better.
    In Attraction Marketing”, we don’t have to persuade the leads.
    People will attract to us, if we give them valuable content, by the internet.
    “Good Marketing Is About Delivering The Right
    Message, To The Right Person, At The Right Time”

  8. -RG,

    People what are you going to do?

    First: Represent a product and company that you are proud of and not embarrassed about.

    Second: Realise that everyone is not a prospect.

    Third: Operate in a state of integrity be a Go Giver (thanks Bob Burg).


  9. I know what I have. I know what the opportunity is and what it will take to be successful. I invite many people every day to view the opportunity. Many do, some don’t, so what. Those that do deserve another conversation and after asking what they liked most about what they saw I check their interest level. If they are a six or lower I provide them with more information and ask them to contact me when they are serious and their interest rises to a 7 or above. It is a waste of my time to attempt to raise someone’s interest level if it isn’t there. It is interesting how many people will take the second set of information and reinitiate the conversation themselves.

    Experiencing rejection is stories some people have when they collapse who they are with what they are doing. The two are different. Now there are plenty of negative people out there. I know people, usually ‘poor’ people, who see only pyramids and ponzi’s while demanding their unemployment benefits be extended. They condemn the ‘rich’ for not doing enough to take care of them and believe profit is evil. Funny but most of them claim not to believe in God either. Should I really be upset if they ‘reject’ my opportunity …. Or me?

    1. Michael,

      This is great what you said! I will apply it right away. I think I am spending way too much time with people that I’m almost having to convince and I do not want that, but with my earlier post, of buying leads, it takes some time to get them warmed up, or hanging up on me 🙂 LOL!


  10. The only thing people have is the in-fear and their confidence is at minimal that they can’t change the paradigm yet they don’t understand for things to change you have to change.’if you do things you always do,you will always get the same results’ .Change the perception for success

  11. Hi Randy!,

    I love your blog!

    This post resonates with me bigtime! I wanted to throw this out in response, and let you (hopefully) or anyone answer this. BTW I have your book and CD 🙂

    I am talking to leads on the phone I’ve purchases and it is fricking brutal. People hanging up, cussing at me, saying they didn’t fill out the form, etc…

    There has got to be a better way!

    How many of you out there buy leads and spend a lot of time on the phone doing it? I have made probably 200 phone calls and NOT ONE sign up, and I have studied Tim Sales, and several other credible NM’ers in what to say, so I know I am in the ball park with what I’m saying.

    I am getting SO FRUSTRATED and feel so much better than this in regards to the hang ups, f#@k you’s, etc…

    Any advice from experienced NM’ers would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hey Mike, try using Internet marketing / attraction marketing strategies, where your system generates leads and let’s people filter themselves out, so that only people who are interested in you and your business call you.

      I know that sounds simplistic, but investing in learning these attraction marketing strategies sure beats chasing people and trying to sell them.

      1. Wouldn’t that be the same as the leads I’m buying? They are filling out a home based business form either way right? Or…are you talking about using autoresponders to filter themselves out?

    2. I don’t build with leads myself. I think it’s way too brutal. I think it’s better to develop the skills of meeting people and developing relationships.


  12. I’ve found that your beliefs about network marketing determine your responses. If you’re unsure about the MLM model, your prospects will be unsure.

    If they ask you “Is this network marketing?” and you say, “yes, but…”, you’ve lost them.

    Of if you try to call it something else like ‘relationship marketing’, you’ve lost them, because those answers are weak.

    If you answer with something like “Absolutely this is network marketing, I wouldn’t be involved with it if it didn’t allow me to build a marketing team”, you will get a very different response.

    1. Agreed! I do try to get them to realize Network Marketing is the same as referral marketing and that they do it every day but just get paid for it.


  13. I love the tagline of your blogpiece, Randy. Fear in anything is huge. Fear of rejection, the sense of not feeling loved is really foundational to being stuck in life. Thanks for hitting a good chord. I’m pretty good most of the time with offering something to someone w/o worrying about the results. I believe it’s the concept they’re rejecting or saying yes to, not me. I love this networking industry and see myself as a postivie voicepiece for it. Ann

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  15. Я толко в начале пути,есть и возражения и отказы, но если( всех таких людей ) слушать то незачем тогда и жить(кто не рискует тот не пьёт шампанского)

  16. Randy
    These rejections do have a tendency to come up with the nonsensical training that some network marketers receive. What’s worse is when they do receive the rejection and do not know how to handle them. When the network marketing pyramid objection comes up, I believe a majority of newbie network marketers struggle with answering the question because they don’t know how to effectively communicate with their prospect.
    It is amazing how once you know how to communicate your conversations with people take on a different tone. Prospects begin to sense you do know what you’re actually talking about.
    Even if your prospect does not join you now, at least you know you made an impression and no one knows how they will feel in the future. Look what happened to all the people who scoffed at network marketing or multi level marketing prior to the “recession”

  17. Thank you for talking about this subject Randy , most of the time I never get those objections usually the people just invent things like I haven’t got time or somenthing else to escape their comitment.

    So I agree with you we don’t get any more piramid objectoin those day that is because we educate people on the Network Marketing industry before to present them our company.

    Sergio Ervini

  18. RG-
    My upline sent this to me because I had the strangest rejection yesterday that just turned awful. I enrolled a team member and she changed her mind after! I am enrolled in Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable, and we talked about it – people are entitled to change their mind, doubt themselves, even fear the opportunity. We are not in control of others. XXXX is for everybody, but the business is not. We have to be smart enough and strong enough to move forward every day and continue on this wonderful journey to financial freedom. I had a no yesterday, but I enrolled 3 new team members. That was a great day!

    Shari Jacobson

  19. I really appreciate the idea you shared in the article that we should not let the fear of rejection to stop us from pursuing our desires and goals. On the one hand people don’t understand rejection and link their self-worth to it and on the other hand they let this stop from just get going. It’s just the exact opposite of win-win situation. I would appreciate if you offer a step-by-step process that tells how to overcome rejection in detail.

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