New Rules 1 and 2

If you’ll remember, some time back I wrote a manifesto for network marketers. It started a revolution. The manifesto was downloaded and shared millions of times and translated into numerous languages. (Even including a “G rated” version.)

With everything that has transpired in the profession since then, I believe it’s time for a new one…

The attacks on the Herbalife stock, the FTC actions against Vemma, increased scrutiny over retail customers, and the advent of social media and mobile are just a few of the dynamics that are changing our business – and the way we conduct it.

You need to change. I need to change. We all need to change. There are too many people still trying to build the business the way it worked in the 70s or 80s. That ain’t happening.

So I’m writing new manifesto…

But instead of waiting and publishing it down the road, I’m going to share with you here, day by day, as I’m getting it down. I’ll be sharing the new rules and different realities of what it takes to build a successful business today.

So let’s get it started with…

New Rule #1: You don’t have to be sleeping under a bridge to join network marketing.

We have to kill the meme that everyone who is successful in our business used to be destitute, homeless, or bankrupt.

Don’t get me wrong: If you are poor, facing challenges, or struggling with issues, and the business offers you a way out and you become the next success story – great. We’ll celebrate that. And I get how we love to hear those redemption stories from the stage. But not everyone is staring down a disastrous calamity and in desperate need of rescue.

We need to make the business attractive to people at all different levels of success in their lives. So we also need to celebrate the people with good educations, high paying jobs, and solid financial situations who choose to enter our business.

When I started the business almost 30 years ago, pretty much the only people we attracted were blue-collar workers like me. But that has changed dramatically over the years. Which kind of leads us to…

New Rule #2: We have to stop denigrating universities, acting like all bosses are evil, and everyone with a job is a loser.

First, let’s start with the premise that most people don’t appreciate being patronized, ridiculed, or looked down upon. If you want to help them, stop judging them. If you want them to join your business – begin the process by treating them with respect.

Next look at the reality that many people have good educations and enjoy their jobs. Or maybe, make a lot of money with their job but it doesn’t offer the freedom and lifestyle choices they are looking for. Or maybe they love their job and want to keep it, but would like to supplement their income, or build some residual income on the side. Let’s be open to all possibilities and meet people where they are.

Recruiting isn’t about fitting people into the slots you have. It’s about offering them avenues to get the things they desire.

If this makes sense to you, you should be in my Multi-Level Mayhem beta group. Check it out.

And I’ll be back soon, with more new rules and realities…


18 thoughts on “New Rules 1 and 2

  1. This resonated with me, especially rule #1, many times in my career I’ve considered my upper middle class upbringing as an impediment to my build due to the fact that my story isn’t a “rags to riches” tale

  2. Point #2 resonates on a deep level with me. Not only does it violate 2 of the laws of a pleasing personality laid out by Dale Carnegie in “How To Win Friends And Influence People”

    1. Never criticize, condemn of complain
    2. Show honest and sincere appreciation

    It can make people feel bad about where their at in life.

    95% of the people in an organization have jobs and isn’t part of our goal in network marketing to lift the people… rather than put them down?

    And so true on the attractor factor point you made as well.

    If you want people to join you, the last thing you should do is insult them.

    Great post!

    Paul Hutchings

  3. Question for 2016: Since the terms MLM and Network Marketing have become for the most part synonymous with “pyramid scam” by the media, global governments and the masses, is it time to let both terms die a natural death?

    They are no longer resurrectable.

    Many companies and organizations have benefited on many levels by embracing the terms “Direct Selling” and “Direct Sales.”

    In the immortal words of Don Draper: “If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation.”

    1. Totally agree…mention MLM…most throw up arms and scream SCAM!
      Because I guess there have actually been so many SCAMS!
      What is wrong with saying ‘Referral Marketing?’ its so simple and honest really…we just recommend the things we use, like and trust, isn’t that it?
      Then get paid for doing something we always did for free…
      recommending things we use like and trust!

    2. But doesn’t that make it look like we’re ashamed of the industry? Isn’t an alternative solution to be the image of integrity and success in the industry, by our own personal conduct and success?

      Is it not possible to, by our own examples, change the perception of NWM?

      Does it have to die a natural death?

  4. This was a great post your right everyone does not have a rags to riches story.I was in MLM”s for 30 years while owning multiple businesses ….had it as a backup plan. .and I liked the business model and the great products

  5. Both are excellent points Randy. One meme I say floating around last year revolved around the whole thought of ‘whether you join me or not, I STILL make money!”
    The people posting it have mostly gone on to other ventures. To me it looked like the most arrogant way of telling people they must be stupid for not ‘seeing’ things their way.
    We need to start realizing that our way is just a different way. It’s not better for everyone, and it may not be suitable for everyone. We just have to educate people about it in the best way possible, in a professional, non-derogatory manner.
    And just on Art Jonak’s point…I had dinner with a very high income earner in Isagenix some years back. A man sat next to us as we ate, and he asked him what he does for work (noticing the American accent in a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia). My friend immediately replied “I work in direct sales.” The guy hammered him with questions about the product and what it does.
    No assumptions, no negative conceptions.

  6. Many years I did not want even study or discuss about MLM business. But when my life situation became difficult I desided to understand it. So, I studied and saw that it is very interesting! Dear Randy, you do the great job for many people. Of course, your are GREAT GURU in this business! It is very important the acts you do!!!!

  7. I hve read this post twice and I have to say that so much high value content was delivered. There are so many eye-openers here – no matter if single sentences or whole paragraphs here.

    And last but not least. The times of building a business in the old-fashioned way – are gone. Sad but true that many networkers who got successful in earlier times do not accept the changes … because they have learned these old strategies and can´t imagine working with new ones.

  8. Great content from Randy Gage I have learned so
    many from his life & his
    books But guys do not
    Believe that you go up
    In this enterprise without
    Learning & trying untill
    You have done a serious
    Amount of job!

  9. I just joined this program so I don’t have to much to say but I am looking forward to learning more about Mlm. I think the title direct selling may not be the right one as I have found most people say they don’t know how to sell ,I think this format is great ,I think Randy is great and somehow I was meant to find him

  10. am in mlm for the last two years and im soo passionate about my business.we are the ones to educate our citizens about the beauty of mlm. so far so good. leaning a lot and will share with my success partners. thanks Randy Rage.

  11. Randy all these comes with more knowledge and growth. Many times I did burn out key contacts with my passion – asking and wondering why they couldn’t see what I am seeing. I have however learnt that everyone would love to be coached and guided to think differently and follow your way. We can all make Network Marketing exciting all over again and accommodate everyone. SPACE Global is doing wonders in Kenya. Come build a team with me @RandyGage

  12. I remember the first MLM Manifesto you did. Dropped it on New Years. I read it soon as it came out and loved it!

    I’m digging this new one already. Set the tone, Brother Gage… Set the tone.

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