New Rule Number Four

Let’s pick up where we left off, on the new rules for how we need to conduct and promote our business. (If you didn’t read New Rules One and Two and New Rule Three yet – I suggest you go back and read those first.)

Last post I said you should stop promoting five- and six-figure monthly bonus checks. The two reasons for this are first, because companies that keep doing this recruiting practice are going to get killed by the regulators. And secondly, most people have no conceptual understanding of what earning an outrageous income like 25K a month and above looks like. They would be OVER THE MOON to have a side business that provided them with a $3,000 or $5,000 a month residual income.

Which leads us to…

New Rule #4: Create a “Get Out of Debt” culture in your recruiting platform.

There are at least a couple billion people on earth whose lives would be dramatically and measurably impacted if you could simply help get out of debt. And talking about getting out of debt is a lot sexier than you may think. It resonates with people. Even people who are not in debt have parents, siblings and friends who are upside down in their cars, have oppressive mortgages, and are suffocating in credit card debt at rates the mafia would be embarrassed to charge.

Make this culture pervasive through your team. Start it by making it part of the recruiting message. And then reinforce it by teaching financial literacy during your leadership training modules. Celebrate when people pay a car off, recognize those that are able to burn their mortgage and throw a party for people when they become debt free.

You’ll help a lot of people, it will actually grow your business faster, which means you’ll help more people, which means you’ll grow your business even faster, which means you’ll help even more people….

If this all makes sense to you, you should be in my Multi-Level Mayhem beta group. Check it out fast, because we’ve already held the first three webinars.

And I’ll be next time, to talk about having integrity on the stage…


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