Clean the Fence!

Part of the business is that we sometimes have prospects “on the fence,” thinking about whether or not to join.  That’s normal.  But let me tell you what is dangerous…

Having a lack-centered mindset and trying to keep your prospects on the fence.  This comes from the belief that candidates are scarce and also avoidance mentality.

So you end up calling the same schmuck 27 weeks in a row, inviting him to your presentation.  He keeps saying he will try and you keep counting him as a viable prospect in your funnel.  And if you have four or five people like this, you can tell your sponsor you’re working the business and maybe even convince yourself.

Get over this!

We can’t build the business on maybe’s.   Clean off your fence.

Get your candidates to yes or no as quickly as you can.  Even a no is good, because then you know it is time to move on to another candidate.

So have you cleaned your fence, or are you still lying to yourself?


17 thoughts on “Clean the Fence!

  1. You are absolutely right Randy, I get to a yes or no as soon as I can. If they try to stay stuck on the fence I send them through my system and let my emails drip on them and move on to the next. Or if they really seem wishy washy, I disqualify them and move on….. when there situation changes call me.

    Some do call me later when they are ready and then I qualify them again.

    I used to have that problem of loaning out a DVD or CD and not getting an answer or getting the DVD back 2 weeks later. I don’t do that any more. 24-48 hours max then I’m getting it back. Or if they come through online I give them the same time frame or less.

    Now I keep my fence clean and my funnel flowing, don’t let your funnel get clogged with dead beat leads who come out and want to park on your fence like they are ready for target practice, lol

    1. “I used to have that problem of loaning out a DVD or CD and not getting an answer or getting the DVD back 2 weeks later. I don’t do that any more. 24-48 hours max then I’m getting it back. Or if they come through online I give them the same time frame or less.”

      True – I set up a time to call my prospect usually 24-48 hours after we agree they will view the material, ask them what they liked about it etc…(all the follow up questions) then in the next day or so I organize a one-on-one with them, they bring the CD, I give them more info about the company, a check out the biz CD, websites etc, then the same process again.

  2. It really helps if you climb off the fence yourself, birds of feather kind of thing. It is also an act of courage to ask people to choose. This fits into my insight today on intention. What is my intention in the matter? Do I even have one? [A practice I am prone to operate from… no intention.]

    Until recently the place to leave people on the candidate list was on the fence…. Now I can put them back in the garden and see what sprouts the next time I check on them or for some the compost pile.

  3. If you are housing, in your nervous system, this feeling of Abundance you can let go of these suspected prospects who are all “yeses” on the phone but no shows in real life. It stems from this meme where people are saying to themselves, “well, they haven’t said no, so…” As if a “YES” is around the corner, if you only hold onto to them a little longer.
    It reminds me of “Dumb & Dumber” when she says the chances of them getting together is about one in a million, he gets excited and says, “so you’re saying there’s a chance”.
    NO. Go build yourself and find some real prospects.

  4. Oh.. How True. I have learned that it is very important to get to a answer a quickly as possible without forcing them.

    There is only, yes or no. No maybe so. The other alternative, is ” I would like more information” Which is a tacit yes.

  5. The most funny thing is that in reality the uncleaned fence is ourselves… is our delay mentality, our postpone-mentality. Why? Perhaps because the “rich fence” seems to be “activity”, a strange activity actually, the illusion of “Waiting for greatness”…

  6. Just in point Randy!
    I passed this situation for many times.
    I learned now….I’m not making illusions with these people now. I’m keeping them on my list , thinking that everyone has his timing….
    Great lesson!

  7. I was once taught that we get paid for decisions – that’s a yes or a no – we don’t get paid for think abouts or maybes 🙂

  8. You are sure right, Randy.I used to clean up my fence because I knew they’ll just keep me busy for nothing. But I’m confused when I heard someone who is successful in MLM sometime ago over a blog interview saying that “never give up a prospect unless he is dead”.

    One more thing Randy, those who signed up then sit still on the fence, shall we KICK them out ?

  9. Hey Randy Gage,

    Everyone has his timing for making decision in his life.when there issomebody on
    my fence who is not ready yet, i go on and leave him to find the good time for him
    by himself,and make the decision to join to my opportunity.

  10. Thks Randy!
    This is very true, we should believe in what they say but we should’t wait for them! Talk!Talk Talk!!!!!!!!!

  11. For years, I lost more valuable time trying to convince my prospects Thats why Jim Rohn is right. Hes says you have to track your activity. How else can you determine if you are doing the right activities? You cant remember week after week. When you track the # of new prospects you talk to each month, you all will be surprised how little of the most important activity we actually do. Try it.

  12. Hello Randy!
    You’re completely right. Thank’s to advise us to do so. I’ve been doing that stuff myself for to long. I don’t anymore because I know that we have something valuable in our hands… Why try to convince prospects? Some will see it and others won’t. That’s it. 🙂 Cheers!

  13. very true, I think that for some of us that we are starting on MLM we think that chasing some one is better that have a real answer asap, what ever that is “yes” or “no”

    Thank you

    Alex S.

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