Checking Your Progress

Okay kids February is pretty much over!  That’s two months gone out of 12.  So where are you at on your goals and dreams for 2011?

That’s one sixth of the year gone.  But when you factor in how difficult it is to build in December, you may be closer to one third gone.

I know stuff comes up.  Kids get sick, work has extra projects, stuff happens.  But if you want to live your dreams, you have to stay focused anyway.  You have to find at least 10-15 hours a week for your business, especially when things get tough.  Because if you don’t, they’ll stay tough forever.

“I will do today what others will not do – so that tomorrow I can do what others cannot do.”

So how you doing on that?


12 thoughts on “Checking Your Progress

  1. Got fired from my day job in January. Got promoted in my Network Marketing business in February! That’s a dream come true for any MLM’er! It was not easy but I made it happen Randy. Never looking back!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I had a great day today. On the phone, set up one on one appts, and I’m keeping it going daily. I have a goal for a specific rank by next convention in 5 months. I know I can do it. Working the numbers backwards so I know what it will take

  3. Since the new year God has managed to push me to number 2 in the entire company for customer producer. Im also now in a top producer club which earns me a monthly bonus.Randy,I guess this is my spudnec moment.Network Marketing works.Just have to master the art of recruiting…

  4. I second that: thank you for the countdown reminder. When you factor December out of the time frame it really puts a sense of urgency. I’m setting a goal of rank advancement and positive cash flow by the time my kids get out of school for summer vacation so we can keep building with some cash coming in the door.

    PLEASE keep reminding us with this countdown, it’s helpful.

  5. Thanks for the PUSH! Working to achieve the goals on time, quitting the job by the end of this year! YESSSS >>>>> firing my Boss >>>>

  6. I canceled a long, expensive relationship with a partner who promised millions and nothing is held not only empty promises.
    Now I start again and I feel much better, even with empty pockets but with a head full of ideas.

    Thanks Randy

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