Be the Leader

There’s no shortage of followers in Network Marketing.  The bad news is we need more leaders.  Which brings me to the good news…

We need more leaders.

Nothing offers a greater opportunity for you than becoming a leader.  In our profession that will make you a fortune and provide a dream lifestyle.  Even better, the rewards will become apparent in your faith, family and other ventures as well.

Stop trying to manage your people.  You lead people and manage things.

Lead by example with your recruiting and participation.  Create synergy with multiple lines.  Make sure all the necessary components are in place for a duplicable system.  Teach the seven skill sets. Create a strong team culture.

People who do these things face no real competition.  It doesn’t matter when a competitor knocks off their product or compensation plan, or a top earner quits.  When you have set the structure in place and demonstrated true leadership, your team will continue to move forward.

Today let me suggest a recommended resource.  If you are truly committed to becoming an elite leader in our profession, set aside a few weeks and go through the complete Mega-MLM Home Study Program.  It’s the equivalent of a Ph.D. in Network Marketing leadership.  To really understand it, study it intensely for a few weeks.  Then you can always go back and review specific discs in the areas you want to focus on each month.

I’m off to Bulgaria, where I will be doing a generic program.  It’s my first time there and I look forward to meeting many of you.  I’ll check in on the other side.

UPDATE:  The program in Sofia, Bulgaria has been rescheduled due to an airport strike.  The tentative date for the new event is Saturday, April 28.  Sorry for this inconvenience, but I am still excited to meet many of you.  Please spread the word to anyone who may not have been notified yet.


10 thoughts on “Be the Leader

  1. Randy, yes, I will order later and really loved your video when you were presenting in Sydney (Bulgaria). Have a safe journey, lots of fun and much success! Shalom and thanks…

  2. You are again spot on my friend.

    No shortage of followers . . .and no massive competition as an elite leader.

    John Maxwell said the same things a few years ago that our greatest shortage is for strong, effective principle centered leadership.

    Great post as always

  3. Hey Randy,

    The leaders wasn’t born as leaders
    ,but become to be leaders when they has decided.
    The one who wants to take action
    ,be responsible for to better others people life,
    To lead them to a new ,better reality ,can be a leader.
    A leader believe in himself and his new way
    ,and can inspire and motivate his people to
    Follow him to go together to a new goal.

  4. Hi RG,

    Many thanks for the post. Please kindly share also your programs in Bulgaria
    with us and hope you will arrive safely and in good health always.

    Live in prosperity.

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