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There has NEVER been a more advanced, intense, high-level, breakthrough training on the profession of Network Marketing.  EVER.

There has never been a more powerful training on the science of elite leadership in the business. Randy Gage reveals the things he used to train more MLM millionaires than anyone alive, and personally used to build a team of 200,000+ people and earn millions of dollars in commissions.



The attendees were top-level distributors, company owners and executives, and people committed to joining one of those groups. They came from France and Nigeria, Japan and Canada, the U.S. and Norway, Mexico and Spain, the Philippines and Puerto Rico. In all , representatives from more than 30 different companies came to Vegas to learn the secrets to reaching the pinnacle of success in our profession.

They gathered at the Monte Carlo Resort and experienced the most advanced, intense, high-level, breakthrough training on the profession of Network Marketing that has ever been conducted. Really.

There has never been a more powerful training on the science of elite leadership in the business. Randy revealed the things he used to train more MLM millionaires than anyone alive, and personally used to build a team of 200,000+ people and earn millions of dollars in commissions.

Things like: group dynamics, leading a team, constructing a duplicable system, creating the proper infrastructure, the dynamics affecting the mind of your prospects, creating wealth, building belief, creating culture and developing leaders.

Now you can experience the exact training the live attendees did, in a Home Study version. It was recorded live and unedited, as it took place. You’ll get the same handouts and a follow along workbook. This is the information, insights and training you need to reach the very highest levels of success in the profession.


Your first inclination is going to be to devour this information and then train it all to your team. Don’t. This information is not for everyone…

It is really meant only for company executives and the top pin ranks in the field. If you try and teach this to everyone, their head will blow up!

Use some discernment with this training. Recommend it only to the people that have demonstrated leadership potential and exhibited the discipline and character to act on it.

What’s the investment?

The attendees at the live event paid US$1,500, plus airfare, hotel, meals, and other expenses. And they certainly felt it was worth a hundred times what they invested, because of the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in income the information can produce for them. Now you can get the Home Study Program for a fraction of what they paid…

This home study version of the event is only $997. For that you’ll experience all 11 sessions, just as the live attendees did. You’ll also get the same handouts and workbook the attendees did. You can get the physical program or the electronic version for the same price.

You have never experienced a training like this ever before. There are probably less than five people in the world capable of teaching this, and Randy Gage is the only one that has ever done it. Now you can get the benefit of it.

Here’s an exact breakdown of the sessions you will receive.

Session 1: The Leadership Model

  • The definition of true leadership;
  • The only two things you can tell your team to be in integrity as a leader;
  • How to use the principle of higher source; and,
  • What it takes to lead an all-volunteer army.

Session 2: The Components of Duplication

  • The formula for duplication;
  • What works versus what duplicates; and,
  • The six components you must have in your system to achieve maximum enrollments.

You’ll also hear the actual “Hot Seats” where Randy worked with volunteers from the audience, analyzing what may be missing in their system and how they can achieve better results. You can extrapolate from this and see how to make your own system tighter.

Session 3: Managing Your Team

  • The 80/20 formula for determining who you spend time with;
  • How to create boundaries instead of limits for yourself;
  • Field and leadership communication strategies;
  • How to handle crisis communication;
  • Setting up your event calendar;
  • Deploying your leaders;
  • Surviving enrollment plateaus; and,
  • The retailer model versus the big business model.

Session 4: Group Dynamics of Team Growth

  • Working long distance lines;
  • Creating synergy when working with multiple lines;
  • What to do when leaders “unplug”;
  • How to taproot to drive depth; and,
  • How to use counseling to keep people on track.

Session 5: The 8 Dynamics Affecting the Mindset of Your Prospects

One of the most powerful sessions you’ll ever experience. You’ll actually go inside the mind of the prospect, and understand the process he has going on at a subconscious level. You must know what these dynamics are in order to deal with them in your recruiting pipeline.

Failure to address any of these will lower the percentages of qualified candidates who will join your team. You must address them all to achieve maximum enrollments in your team.

Session 6: Network Marketing “Hall of Shame”

Follow along in the workbook as Randy identifies the 16 behavioral patterns that constrain leadership, kill duplication and prevent exponential growth. Then evaluate if you have fallen victim to any of these patterns. Also, get someone you trust to give you their take on whether you have any of these issues.

These are serious insights into what keeps you back from leadership and how you can correct it. Each of the 16 examples is presented, the symptoms that reveal if this is an issue for you, and how to fix it.

Session 7: Achieving Financial Mastery

This is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about: the number of MLM leaders that are broke! It’s not that they haven’t made a lot of money; they have. But they haven’t learned how to keep any of it.

If your people are not financially free, they are at risk of leaving you as soon as the next offer comes around. In this powerful session Randy reveals how you actually create wealth for you and your loved ones. And how to teach your team how to do this as well.

You’ll discover:

  • When to quit your job;
  • How to budget your bonus check;
  • The hierarchy of selling the dream; and,
  • How to create wealth.

Session 8: Turning Hope into Belief

Hope gets people in the business, but only belief keeps them in the business. In this session you’ll learn how to build rock-solid belief on your team.

  • The income level you must get people to so they stay;
  • Two great belief-building resources;
  • Seven strategies for building belief;
  • Why you have to get uncomfortable; and,
  • How to do dream building that gets your team into action.

Session 9: The 7 Skill Sets You Must Teach Your Team

What keeps back people from action? Fear of the unknown and insecurity. When you help them become proficient, fear drops away and they get into action. And more importantly, effective results.

This session will teach you the four basic skill sets you must train all recruits on immediately. Then you’ll learn the three advanced skill sets to train as you groom your people for leadership roles in the organization.

Session 10: Creating Culture on Your Team

The biggest difference between “MLM grinders” and “MLM Rock Stars” is that grinders are consumed with tactics and Rock Stars develop culture on their team.

This segment will teach you the ten most important areas you must create culture on your team, and some of the specific examples of that culture, and how to do this. Powerful stuff!

Session 11: The 4 Levels of Leadership in MLM

Forget those leadership books filled with theories written by college professors and consultants. This session is the real-world information on what it really takes to be a leader in our profession.

Randy breaks down the four levels of leadership and teaches you the exact criteria that define each of them. For the first time, you’ll know exactly where you are in your development process, and what it will take for you to reach the higher levels.

You’ll discover:

  • The two vital premises of leading a team;
  • The path to high-level leadership;
  • How to know who your real leaders are; and,
  • The four levels of team leadership.


Listen to this audio first, to learn how to get the most out of the training and improve the duplication on your team.

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  1. Kathy Paauw

    Attending Randy’s Mega-MLM leadership event was one of the best investments I ever made in my business. When you get his Mega-MLM Home Study Course, you’ll learn proven practices that will move you to the next level in how you lead your team and create duplication. I picked up some great ideas about getting inside the mind of my prospects, creating culture and group dynamics, and developing leadership. I recommend this course for intermediate network marketing professionals who are ready to advance your skills to the next level.

    — Kathy Paauw
    Top Ten Team Builder and Executive, SendOutCards

  2. Reggie Henkart

    Randy is a master of the MLM industry. His understanding of the network mechanics is profound, but, more importantly, the delivery is exceptional. Be aware that his material is not for everybody. Only dedicated professional network marketers interested in superior leadership need to apply.

    — Reggie Henkart
    Isagenix Millionaire

  3. Lynn & Richard Huber

    What an amazing weekend! Thank you Randy for teaching us everything we need to know go to out there and be the best professional network marketer we can be. Randy tells it like it is in a way that’s easy to understand and implement into our business. He left nothing out, from subjects such as finances, team culture, what the prospect is thinking and feeling, how to lead a team, what’s holding us back and how to overcome it, and lots more! Thank you for holding nothing back and for an incredible 3 days!

    — Lynn & Richard Huber

  4. Ayo Akintade

    achievable if we come with an open mind.

    Being at Mega-MLM took away fear and brought possibilities of making real, good income, shortening my learning curves even though being in the industry for 5 years. I can hardly wait for the materials to work with my team!
    — Ayo Akintade
    Tahitian Noni International

  5. Mita del Fierro

    As a 7 figure income earner in the industry I’m very selective about the trainings I attend. Randy’s Mega-MLM event was exactly what I needed at this stage of the game! Not only did it reinforce many of the things we take for granted after awhile, but I gained new insights and information that will be critical to supporting my team to achieve higher levels of success… and ways to implement them. It was very helpful to have it delivered in such a way that anybody would understand. It was FUN to be there… thank you.

    — Mita del Fierro
    Enagic Kangen Water
    Las Vegas, NV

  6. Pam Sowder

    Randy started the training by stating, “If you make the first circle work then your business flows.” From there we worked on the first circle which is each of us. Randy taught us about culture, core principles of leadership, making the business about the tools and not about you. Invaluable training for those that want to make millions in this industry. I walked away knowing what to do and how to do it. Thank you for sharing the skills and the mindset that very few have in network marketing.

    — Pam Sowder
    Director of Marketing
    It Works! Global

  7. Jack Cranney

    Randy’s presentation at Mega-MLM was professional, informative, entertaining, and a terrific review of fundamentals and advanced insights into the world of network marketing. After 44 years with the same network company, I have seen it all, but Randy’s insights were most instructive and motivational to a veteran of nearly one half a century of networking experience. I would recommend this course to anyone “field or corporate” that wants to understand the true nature of building and maintaining a large group organization. It was exhilarating to watch a true professional practice his craft.

    — Jack Cranney
    Boston, Massachusetts

  8. Luis Inzunza

    The Mega-MLM seminar with Randy Gage blew my mind, it just broke all my expectations. If you are in the MLM business, this program is a must have!

    — Luis Inzunza

  9. Alex Gamez

    It’s a pleasure to recommend this training since it’s been the best training I have ever received. It gave me the tools needed to explode my business even though I’ve only been involved in this profession for about a year. My company is Lifevantage & I am going to the top. Thanks again Randy for such an amazing training.

    — Alex Gamez

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