Check Out The Biz


LIVE Generic Opportunity Meeting presented by Randy Gage. Use it for prospecting & recruiting. Works with all types of MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Selling Companies.



Randy Gage conducts some of the most compelling opportunity meetings ever seen. Check Out The Biz was filmed live before an audience of more than 1,000 people, so it offers an exciting and compelling presentation for your prospects. Use it to speed up your sponsoring and duplication rates. Randy knows how to grab the prospect’s attention, and really drive home why they’d be crazy not to build a business. Leverage that talent for yourself and your business!

Your prospects will learn:

  • Benefits of owning their own MLM business
  • Why MLM is the new paradigm in distribution
  • How the industry will be expanding in the next few years
  • Why they should get involved now!

Best of all, the presentation is totally generic! Your prospects see how they can build wealth in the business, then they are directed to find out the specifics of the company and products from you. It’s a powerful resource to recruit new distributors quickly and in large numbers. It’s especially helpful for building long distance lines and internationally.

You should also watch Randy’s presentation for tips on improving your own meetings. And have your existing distributors watch the presentation to learn how to present better as well.

Check Out the Biz is available as:

  • 1 Online Streaming Video

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