Duplication Nation Leadership Kit


How to Earn At Least $250,000 a Year in Network Marketing

The Ultimate Step-by-Step MLM System for Building Your Business
by MLM Expert Randy Gage

The leadership kit contains all of the tools & resources for conducting this training with your team!  Use this training in meetings to ensure that your entire team can begin real duplication!



This training resource by Randy Gage is the most advanced, state-of-the-art instruction on how to construct a huge, growth-driven network of distributors and customers.

This dynamic and engaging resource will teach you how to:

  • Find quality prospects
  • Qualify them
  • Make compelling presentations
  • Sponsor them in a way that duplicates
  • Teach your people how to replicate this process!

This is the most advanced training on the science of building an organization that has ever been offered. In the following twelve modules you’ll learn how to set up a complete step-by-step system to grow your organization. And if your organization already has a system in place—this program can be used to teach skill sets that work in your existing system.

  • Module One: Unleashing the Power of Duplication
    This session will explain how to set up a system, or the best way to implement the one you already have.
  • Module Two: Warm Market Prospecting 
    Here you will learn the best ways to approach your friends, neighbors and relatives to enroll them in the business.
  • Module Three: Cold Market Prospecting 
    This session shows you how to recruit in big ways using direct mail, display and classified ads, the Internet and other media.
  • Module Four: Secrets of Successful Sponsoring 
    Here you’ll learn how to use the “ladder of escalation” to sponsor more people.
  • Module Five: The Science of the 1-on-1 Presentation 
    A session totally devoted to making the most powerful one-on-ones possible.
  • Module Six: Conducting Effective Small Scale Meetings 
    This is one of the vital aspects of the business, and this module will show you how to do it as good as anybody.
  • Module Seven: Conducting Powerful Large Venue Meetings 
    This session will show you how to conduct dynamic meetings that sign up people, in hotels and other large spaces.
  • Module Eight: Building Long Distance Lines 
    Here you’ll learn how to build groups in other states or even countries.
  • Module Nine: Building Group Volume with Retailing 
    This module will show you the secrets to getting a large group of satisfied customers who order each month.
  • Module Ten: Building Depth for Greater Security 
    How to use edification, duplication and counseling to replicate hundreds of levels deep.
  • Module Eleven: Managing Communication, Training, and Recognition
    This segment teaches you how to schedule your training calendar, disseminate information to the group, and run your recognition program.
  • Module Twelve: Leadership Strategies for a Large, Growing Organization
    Powerful training on how to groom future leaders and keep them reproducing throughout your organization.

The Duplication Nation Leadership Kit Includes:

Everything that the original Duplication Nation includes, except more.  Designed for group training.  This way you can get your key leaders together and do the complete training in your living room.

  • 12 Audio CDs
  • 12 Video DVDs
  • 9 Study Guides
  • Laminated Organization Chart
  • 25 Counseling Forms
  • Inspirational picture

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