How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine


The All-New, Completely-Revised 4th Edition of the book that transformed the network marketing profession.



Finally it’s here. The eagerly-awaited, all-new 4th edition of How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine is off the press. Order now and you’ll have it instantly. Considered the seminal work in Network Marketing, this book shows you exactly how to build a huge organization that produces ongoing passive income for a lifetime. (And can even be willed to your heirs.)

Completely re-written, this edition provides you with up-to-the-minute information on what’s working in the space right now. You’ll learn how to rake in the really big bonus checks, win the free cars & trips, and advance to the top ranks in your compensation plan.

In this powerful new edition you’ll discover:

  • Why you should NEVER do 1-on1’s or 2-on-1’s;
  • How to conduct live meetings that people can’t wait to attend;
  • The two magic words that get people to turn out for home meetings;
  • How to know what people on your team you should be spending the most time with;
  • Secrets of building larger volumes;
  • How to know what program you should work;
  • The real difference between illegal pyramids and legitimate opportunities; and,
  • The difference between driving lines versus building lines for long-term duplication.

This book will teach you the science of Network Marketing. You’ll learn the proven and predictable methods of operation to create real duplication on your team and develop true residual income – your own multi-level money machine! Order your copy now.

This all-new, completed revised 4th edition is available as an eBook.

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  1. Networking Times

    Randy Gage is a world-class professional who teaches network marketing the way it is meant to be done. Study this book and your networking business will deliver on its promise to earn you time freedom and unlimited income potential.

    — Networking Times

  2. John Milton Fogg

    Who else but Randy Gage would have the audacity to write How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine—and then have the book actually show you how to do just that…? Only Randy could’ve pulled it off. A really great book from one of the few, true, card-carrying Masters of Network Marketing.

    — John Milton Fogg
    Author, The Greatest Networker in the World

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